With A Partner Read The Conversation Given Below

With A Partner Read The Conversation Given Below

terjemahan conversation 1 with a partner,read the conversation given below

Daftar Isi

1. terjemahan conversation 1 with a partner,read the conversation given below

Kalimat diatas memiliki arti “percakapan 1 dengan seorang rekan, baca percakapan yang diberikan di bawah ini”.

Semoga membantu.

2. offers and suggestions pre-avtivity with a partner read the conversation given below

saran dan menawarkan pra-aktivitas dengan seorang mitra membaca percakapan yang diberikan di bawah ini

3. contoh percakapan 4 orang with a partner, read the convention given below​


Conversation 1

with a partner, read the conversation given below.

Jane : hi, john.

john : hi, jane. What are you doing?

Jane : nothing much. Would you like to go to movies ?

john : i would love to, but not right now.

jane : how about in
the afternoon?

john : great! What movie do you want to watch?

jane : let’s watch ” ring “.

John : i would rather not. I am not much into horror movies. How about peanuts?

Jane : ok. Let’s go. When do you want to go ?

John : 4 o’clock show.

jane : it sounds good. Okay, see you then!

John : okay, see you!

What kind of interpersonal transaction is going on in the conversation given above?

Write down your answer here.

Conversation 2

With a partner, read the conversation given below.

Siti : hello, jane.

jane : hi, siti.

siti : you look tired. What is going on ?

Jane : i am working on my project paper. It is due tomorrow. I don’t think i will be able to finish it.

siti : would you like any help?

Jane : yes, please. I would really appreciate it.

siti : tell me what i can do and i will start right away.

jane : thank you ! you are an angel.

What kind of interpersonal transaction is going on in the conversation given above?

Write down your answer here.



4. D. Active conversationWith a partner create dialogues to accept and decline invitations.Using the role-play approach based on the examples of invitations given below. ​


Accepting an invitation

Sam: Hi Lily, I am having a birthday party tomorrow, would you like to join my party?

Lily: Sure, I’d be most happy to join, when and where is the party?

Sam: It will be at 6:30 PM tomorrow, at my house, you do remember where my house is right?

Lily: Of course I do, well thanks for inviting me, I’m looking forward  to join your birthday party!

Sam: No problem, and thanks for accepting the invite, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Lily: See you too.

Declining an invitation

Mark: Hey Rita, would you like to join my dinner party? All our friends will be there.

Rita: May I ask first when and where is your dinner party?

Mark: It will be at 7 PM, at our favorite restaurant that’s right next to your uncle’s house.

Rita: I feel really bad to miss it, though I already promised my father I’ll take care of his shop at that time.

Mark: Oh, it’s alright, you don’t need to feel bad, I will host more parties in the future anyways, and I gotta go now, bye Rita.

Rita: Oh alright then, goodbye.


5. complete the following conversation and practice it with a partner​


lengkapi percakapan dibawah ini dan latihan dengan seorang partner


selesaikan percakapan berikut dan praktikkan dengan rekan

6. Whit a partner, read the conversational text given


Itu maksudnya kamu disuruh membaca percakapan yang terdapat pada teks tersebut


So now you must read the conversation that been commanded for you


Semoga membantu:))

7. read the dialog below then practice it whit your partner​


baca dialog di bawah ini lalu praktikkan dengan pasangan Anda

8. read the police interview with a woman about a crime. the fill in the table below with the information given by the woman​

read the police interview with a woman about a crime. the fill in the table below with the information given by the woman : membaca wawancara polisi dengan seorang wanita tentang kejahatan. isilah tabel di bawah ini dengan informasi yang diberikan oleh wanita tersebut

9. Read the advertisement below and complete with the given words in the box. Then, answer the questions.​



9. Hungry

10. Eat

11. Publish

12. Advertise

7. Jogja Gourmet Guide is addressed to all the readers.

8. The underlined word means a person who is good at judging the quality of food or it can also mean a standard of good quality cuisine.


Jawaban dicetak tebal.

9. Hungrykarena jika kamu merasa lapar

10. Eat karena jika kamu tidak tahu mau makan di mana tempat makan yang berkualitas dan nyaman

11. Publish karena Jogja Ad akan mempublikasikan informasi bermutu Jogja Gourmet Guide untuk kenyamanan pembaca

12. Advertise karena jika pembaca ingin membuat iklan dan mempublikasikannya, silakan hubungi nomor yang tertera pada teks.

7. Jogja Gourmet Guide is addressed to all the readers. karena Jogja Gourmet Guide ditujukan kepada semua pembacanya.

8. The underlined word means a person who is good at judging the quality of food. karena kata Gourmet itu artinya orang yang pandai menilai kualitas makanan atau bisa juga berarti standar kualitas masakan yang baik.

Semoga membantu ya.

10. With a partner, read the conversational text given


terjemahannya adalah “dengan pasangan, bacalah teks percakapan yang di berikan”

11. work with your partner and make a conversation by using the picture beside. ​


Roro : Hi Ru, do you wanna take a walk with me ?

Ruru : i’m sorry. i have many homework to do

Roro : please, just a moment. i wanna buy spaghetti in Moon PLaza

Ruru : wow spaghetti i wanna….but i have better plan for us

Roro : what ?

Ruru : i’ll buy spaghetti by delivery order so we can lunch in home because we must #stay at home

Roro : Amazing honey

Ruru : i’m so excited, the spaghetti will be music in my mouth


mohon maaf kurang jelas itu disuruh buat iklan kah atau offering kah atau bagaimana. Tapi,,,,


George : Have you decided the place where we have a lunch, Kattie?

Catherine : I’m confused, George.

George : Tell me what do you like to eat for lunch?

Catherine : I’m thinking of pasta with hot chilli sauce.

George : How about going to Pizza Hut, the restaurant next to our office. They provide the main course, Delicious Pasta. I’m totally sure that you will like its taste. The pasta taste like the music goes through the mouth. It feels soft, hard and jazz. It’s delicious…yummy

Catherine : Yummy. I can’t wait for it. We will go there in five minutes more.

12. read the dialog aloud with a partner

1 ) They talking about they teacher in school
2) I don’t know
3) I don’t know too
4) Mr. Amri it’s they art teacher
5) No, He Haven’t
6) Thinneke think Mr. Amri is cool

13. With a partner create dialogues to accept and decline invitations. Using the role-play approach, re-enact the conversation with your classmates. You can model your conversation based on the examples given below​


Hubert : ” Hello there! Are you Chloe?”

Chloe : ” Hi, yes I’m Chloe.”

Hubert : “Well, I guess you’re lucky right now because I invited you to come to my sister’s birthday party tomorrow morning.”

Chloe : “Really? I thanks a lot to you! I promise I will come earlier than everyone tomorrow!”

Hubert : ” Thank you too for accepting my invitation.”


Hubert : “Hey, Ellie. I invited you to my sister’s birthday party tomorrow. Will you come?”

Ellie : “Sorry, Hubert. I’m too busy tomorrow because I have many activities to do. So I can’t go to your party tomorrow.”

Hubert : “That’s fine.”

14. Read the conversation below and fill in the gaps with the words and phrases from the lists

B : Hello. DO YOU MIND IF I turn the music down, please? It’s one o’clock and I’m trying to sleep.
B : Yes, THANKS. Perhaps I can get some sleep now. Good night

A : I’m sorry, COULD YOU leave early today? I’m going to take my cat to see the vet.
B : Oh, I see. Sure, GO AHEAD. Thanks for TELLING ME

A : CAN I BORROW it, please? I need to make a quick call to my mother

A : IS IT OK IF I change seats?
B : Yes, All right. WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?

jawabannya yang ku tulis dengan huruf besar ya..

15. read the examples and translate the sentences with your partner​

-You have grown since the last time I saw you

Kamu sudah lebih besar/bertumbuh sejak terakhir saya melihatmu

-The government has become more interested in art education

 Pemerintah mulai lebih serius dalam pendidikan seni

-Japanese has become one of the most popular courses at the university   since the Asian studies program was established

Bahasa Jepang menjadi salah tau program pembelanjaran yang paling popular di universitar semenjak program mata pelajaran bahasa benua Asia dilancarkan

-My English has really improved since I moved to Australia

Kemampuan bahasa Inggris saya sangat meningkat sejak saya pindah ke Australia

-I have seen that movie six times in the last month

Saya sudah pernah menonton film itu 6 kali pada bulan lalu.

-They have had three tests in the last week

 Mereka sudah menjalankan 3 buah ujian pada minggu lalu

-My car has broken down three times this week

 Mobil saya sudah mogok 3 kali minggu ini

-I have had a cold for two weeks

 Saya pernah mengalami flu selama 2 minggu

-She has been in Medan for six months

 Dia pernah ke Medan selama 6 bulan

-Mary has loved chocolate since she was a little girl

Mary sudah suka coklat sejak dia masih bocah/gadis cilik

16. compare the items below with a partner give your own opinions ​


A : which one the bagpack do you like better?

B : I like the Pink better one.

A : Why do you like it

B : Because the look is cuter and there is a picture of hello kitty on it.


17. complete the conversation below with the suitable expression!​

Rina: I’ll an English exam to an English exam tommorow.

      : I’m so nervous.

Susan: Sure, No problem.


Tina: Look! Our class is dirty and messy.

         We must clean it before the teacher come to the classes!

Lina: Okay, Lets Clean it now.

Tina: Ok!

Semoga membantu.

18. say the time below with your partner!15.11 =….16.25 =….

Jawaban :
15.11 —> eleven past three
16.25 —> twenty five past four

Semoga membantu^^15.11= it is eleven minutes past fifteen
16.25= it is twenty five past sixteen

19. Arti dari read the dialog aloud with a partner

Arti dari “read dialog aloud with a partner” adalah bacalah percakapan {berikut} dengan keras bersama seorang teman. Maksud dari perintah ini adalah siswa diminta untuk membaca secara berpasangan dengan suara keras. Tujuan dari perintah ini adalah siswa mengetahui cara membaca dan memeriksa apakah yang dibaca dan didengar telah benar, serta memahaminya.


Contoh dialog yang dibaca berpasangan adalah

A: Dear friends, I have a serious problem now. But I haven’t found the solution yet. I’m confused. Can you help me?

B: Tell us what it is!

A: Next month I must stop my studies because my father retired three months ago. So he cannot pay my school fees.

B: Take it easy. It’s not a serious problem.

A: What? How can I solve the problem?

B:  Okay. I reckon you ask for a letter from the authority telling that your family can’t afford the school fees. Then you submit the letter to your school or to the parents’ representative. Or, you can also request scholarship. I think you are the best.

A: Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I’ll try to do that.

B: good luck.

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Detail jawaban

Kelas: VII-XII

Mape: Bahasa Inggris

Bab: Instructions

Kode: –



artinya membaca dialog dengan lantang dengan seorang rekan


semoga membantu

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