Drama Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang Tentang Legenda Singkat

Drama Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang Tentang Legenda Singkat

buatkan drama bahasa inggris singkat 4 orang tentang legenda ataupun tentang hewan dan sebagainya ​

1. buatkan drama bahasa inggris singkat 4 orang tentang legenda ataupun tentang hewan dan sebagainya ​

Rani : Hi, welcome, friends. Introducing this is my new dog, named Mr. Black, according to his name, he is black and very sweet to he

Tony : Hi Rani also introduce my bird name heraldous.

Rio : hi everyone, this is my new turtle, it’s very big finally I named the giant turtle

Tara : wow what a beautiful pet you have. unfortunately I only have a predatory fish if you want to see it at my house there I keep a lot of predatory fish

all friends: let’s go to Tara’s house

2. drama bahasa inggris tentang legenda dong buat 4 orang

Once upon a time. In ancient times in East Java there was a kingdom led by a king named Raden Putra. Raden Putra is rich and powerful. His craze hangs chicken.
Raden Putra has an empress and some concubines. A concubine has envy and wants to seize the position of the empress. To realize his desires he slandered the empress.
Well, how the next story …. ?? Let’s watch this drama demonstration ….

Scene 1

Please Daughter. Is there any chance the princess called me?

Doctor, I want to be king’s queen. I was tired of being the king’s concubine. That’s why I want to get rid of the empress from this palace!
I’ll pretend to be sick caused by a consciously poisoned queen because she’s jealous of me. And you Doctor, must help me to carry out my wishes.
You understand the Doctor?

I understand the Princess.

Nice! Nice! If you understand. Then tell the king now. If I’m sick.

Good lad
y. My Daughter’s orders, immediately I do.

Shortly thereafter, the Imperial Doctor immediately conveyed to the king that the concubine was ill. Meanwhile, the concubine pretends to groan in pain.

Scene 2

Forgive me. One of the concubines was sick. And the pain, caused after drinking the drink given by the empress.

You mean, the pain of my concubine because of the poisoned drink given by the empress?

Yes, king

What? Is that right you are telling this physician? Are not you making up on it?

What I am telling you is true.

Dinda, what is the palace physician saying?
Is it true that the empress poisoned you?

(whimpering pain) Right you. Servant sick after drinking beverages given empress. The palace physician says, the drink I drink contains toxins.

(angry) Empress is really outrageous! How could he want to kill you?
Guards! Call the empress facing me now!

Good. Your Majesty. The orders of the king immediately servant.

Soon, the guard had arrived with the empress before the king

Forgive me. This empress was present before the king.

(innocently) What’s the matter of kanda calling for a servant?

(angry) You really outrage Dinda! You deliberately put poison in the concubine drink because you envy her. Is not it? You want to kill him right? Killer base!

What? Forgive me. This is your slander. I never gave a drink to my concubine.

(angry) I can not believe your reasons! I’m not willing to see you again in front of me again!

Servant, Sire.

Bring your empress to the forest immediately and kill him!

What?! (Crying)
Kanda. The servant really never did as alleged to the servant. That’s slander! It is a lie!

Guards! Drag the empress immediately out of the palace! I was not willing to see him again!

Good King.
Come, queen. Forgive the empress. The servant merely executes the king’s orders.

The guards finally took out the empress and took him to the forest. But the bodyguards did not have the heart to kill the pregnant queen.

3. drama bahasa inggris 8 orang tentang legenda

Long long ago, there was Sukagara kingdom
which is located in the province of west java. The
kingdom led by a king names Surapati.

One day, Surapati was hungry. He asked to his
waitress to take food for him.
Surapati : Waitress……. I’m
hungry . please take food for me.
Dayang Sritasari : (come overthe king
with all of delicious food) this is my king…
Surapati : (eating the food) that’s the most delicious food that I ever eat. The taste so good. Thank you so much my waitress
Dayang Sritasari : (smiling shy) you’re welcome my king. (walk out from king’s room)

4. legenda singkat sangkuriang dalam bahasa inggris

Long time ago in West Java, lived a beautiful and lovely girl named Dayang Sumbi. She lived in a shack in the middle of woods accompanied by her faithful dog named Tumang. Actually, she was a princess of a kingdom that was exiled by her father.

One day when Dayang sumbi was weaving, one of her string felt into the lake. Dayang Sumbi became sad. She promised to herself that whoever found the string, if a man would be her husband and if a girl would be her sister. Unexpectedly Tumang was the one who came to bring the linen for Dayang sumbi. Finally Dayang sumbi married Tumang. Tumang was a man who cursed into a dog.

After marrying Tumang, Dayang sumbi had a son named Sangkuriang. Sangkuriang was a dashing and handsome boy. He loved hunting in the forest. One day he went to the wood for hunting. He was accompanied by Tumang but he did not know that Tumang was his father. He was hunting all day long but today was not his lucky day. He did not get even just one animal. Because he had made a promise to his mother to bring a dear’s heart, Sangkuriang killed Tumang. He took and brought it to his home.

When he got home sangkuriang gave the tumang’s heart to his mother. Dayang Sumbi didn’t realize it. She cooked that heart and ate with her son. When they finished eating, Dayang sumbi asked to Sangkuriang “where is Tumang? Why he did not come home with you?”, “Tumang had been our meal today, mom!” Replied Sangkuriang. Dayang Sumbi was angry with Sangkuriang. She hit his head with a spoon until it bleed.

After that incident Sangkuriang went away from his home. He went on a journey. Dayang sumbi was sad and regretted what she had done. After years of his trip, Sangkuriang grew into a handsome and brave man. He did not remember his home and his family. Until one day when he was hunting. He met a very pretty girl. That girl was dayang sumbi. Dayang sumbi had been blessed by god to stay young and beautiful forever. Sangkuriang fell in love with her. Dayang Sumbi also didn’t know that the man was her son. They fell in love each other. Sangkuriang wanted to marry dayang sumbi. When they were together, Dayang sumbi saw an injury sign on sangkuriang’s head. Dayang Sumbi realized that it was sangkuriang her son and refused his marriage proposal.

Sangkuriang did not accept the rejection. He still wanted to marry Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi became very frightened. She was looking for ways to stop their wedding. Dayang sumbi got an idea to ask Sangkurisng did an impossible thing as the requirement. “build a dam in Citarum river and make a great boat for me in one night!” said Dayang sumbi. “Okay I’ll do it!” Replied sangkuriang.

That night sangkuriang did what was asked by a Dayang sumbi. He used his magic to call genie to help him. Seeing sangkuriang almost completed her request, Dayang Sumbi became afraid. She hit a mortar so that the chickens would be crowing. Hearing the sound of chickens, all the genie were fear and disappeared. Sangkuriang failed to marry Dayang sumbi. He knew that he had been deceived by Dayang Sumbi. He kicked the unfinished boat angrily. The ship was thrown away and became a mountain called Mount Tangkuban perahu.

5. legenda singkat dalam bahasa inggris dan artinya


Ant & Grasshopper

Once, in one summer season’s day there was a grasshopper that was jumping around, cheeping and singing to its heart’s web content In an area. An ant passed by, birthing along with massive toil an ear of corn he was saving to the nest.

” Why do not you come as well as appreciate the day with me?” claimed the grasshopper, “rather than toiling constantly?”

” I am mosting likely to lay up food for the following winter months,” stated the ant, “and recommend you to do the same with me.”

“Why should we care about wintertime?” said the grasshopper; “We have had a great deal of foods currently.” Yet the ant kept walking on its way and also proceeded its toil.

When the wintertime came the insect didn’t have any kind of food and discovered itself passing away of cravings– while it saw the ant supplying daily, corn and grain from the stores they had actually collected before. Then the insect acknowledged: It is best to prepare well for days of something we need in the future.

6. Tu
liskan naskah drama bahasa Inggris tentang legenda/dongeng beranggotakan 8 orang!

saran Ku untuk Angel05 .. sebaik nya poin nya ditingkatkan.. karena gak akan ada yang mau kalau cuman 10 poin trus jawabannya banyak.. saranku lebih baik di tingkatkan jadi 35 atau lebi

7. drama legenda singkat untuk 4 orang tolong bantu,cepat​

Cerita Kisah Putri Ular

Pada zaman dahulu, ada seorang raja di daerah simalungun. Raja mempunyai seorang putri yang sangat cantik dan kecantikanya sudah tersebar kemana mana. Hingga suatu saat dating seorang raja dari negri tetangga untuk meminangnya.

Tentu saja sang putri sangat senang karena mempunyai calon suami raja yang masih muda dan tampan. Ia selalu merawat dirinya sebelum hari pernikahanya datang. Pada suatu hari, sang putriingin mandi di kolam taman istana.

Pada hari itu sangat cerah, putri di temani pengasuhnya menikmati sejuknya air kolam.

Putri : Sejuknya air kolam ini”.

Pengasuh:”Mandilah tuan putri, air itu akan membuatmu menjadi lebih segar sehingga bisa mempercantik kulitmu itu”.

Tiba tiba angin tertiup kencang hingga membuat dahan di atas kolam pun patah dan jatuh menimpa putri yang sedang mandi. Malangnya dahan itu melukai hidung putri, sang pengasuh pun sibuk menolong putri.

Pengasuh :”Putri tak papa?”.

Putri : (Setelah itu putri melihat bayangan dirinya di air dan mengatakan ) “Aku sudah jelek sekarang” teriak sang putri yang bercampur sedih dan kecewa”.

Dan pengasuh mencoba menenangkanya tapi tidak berhasil sang putri tetap bersedih dan menyesali hidungnya yang luka.

Pengasuh : “Tidak putri, putri masih terlihat cantik”.

Putri : “Tidak… aku terlihat jelek sekarang”.

Akhirnya sang pengasuh lain pergi untuk membertahukan raja sedangkan sedangkan beberapa pengasuh tetap menemami sang putri.

Pengasuh :”Raja .. putri… putri…”.

Ratu : “Ada apa dengan putri, pengasuh”.

Pengasuh : “Putri sedang bersedih karena wajahnya terluka oleh dahan yang jatuh ke wajahnya”.

Ratu : “Kanda raja, sebaiknya kita melihat putri sekarang”

Raja : Baiklah, sekarang dimana putrid”.

Tanpa di ketahui sang pengasuh putri berdoa kepada para dewa. Putri tidak mau membuat keluarganya kecewa dan calon suaminya, doa putri yang sangat khusyuk sehingga doanya dikabulkan para dewa.

Putri : “Ya dewa,,, aku tidak ingin melihat orangtuaku dan calon suamiku kecewa melihat keadaanku sekarang, rubahlah aku menjadi seekor ular.

Lalu secara perlahan lahan sang putri berubah menjadi ular.Ketika sang raja dan ratu datang mereka sangat terkejut. Karena putri telah berubah menjadi ular sang raja dan ratu hanya menangis melihat putrinya berubah menjadi ular. Sementara itu ular jelmaan sang putri pergi kearah semak semak dan tidak pernah kembali lagi ke istana.



8. berikan drama cerita rakyat/legenda berbahasa inggris untuk dimainkan 4 orang perempuan

A long time ago, there lived a beautiful girl named Klenting Kuning. She lived in the small house with her step mother and  step sisters named Klenting Merah, Klenting Biru, and Klenting Hijau. Actually, her step sisters and mother weren’t kind people. They were cruel. They treated Klenting Kuning badly as their house maid servant. Sometimes, they injured her. Klenting Kuning was unfortunate. One day, when Klenting Kuning was cleaning the floor, Klenting Merah, Klenting Biru and Klenting Hijau came angrily.
“Klenting Kuniiing!! Where is my dress? I want to use it now!” 
“Kuniing! Where is my breakfast? I’m really hungry!” 
“Take it now! Go, Hurry up!” said Klenting Merah. But, Klenting Biru interrupted …
“Kuniiing! Where is my tea, orang juice, steak, humberger, hot dog, sandwich?” Said Klenting Biru.
“I’m sorry, your dress is dirty and your breakfasts are not ready” “oh… what a stupid you are!” said Klenting Merah.
Suddenly mother shouted. “Silence! Don’t be noisy! What happen here?” “Klenting Kuning, mom!” said Klenting Hijau. “Kuning! Do you know what time is it? You have to  clean the floor and wash clothes, right?”
“yes mom.” Said Klenting Kuning.
“so, what are you doing here? Make a noisy? Oh, I will give you punishmen; you must work until 12 p.m, and don’t have a lunch before 1 p.m! Do you understand?” asked Mother.
“but, mom!” Said Klenting Kuning. “whatever! Come on my lovely daughter!” Then, Klenting Kuning did her work alone. But, when she was washing clothes, the palace soldier came to her house. He gave the announcement, that the prince would have a ball that night. The prince wanted to look for wife. Klenting Kuning was very happy. She wanted to go to the ball. But, her mother didn’t give permission.
 At night, when her mother and sisters were going to the ball, Klenting Kuning called them…  
“ah… um… can I go to the ball?” Suddenly Klenting Biru said “what, you? No way!”  “yes Klenting Kuning! You stay at home and keep this house! Let’s go my daughter!”
Finally, they went to the ball without Klenting Kuning. But, if they wanted to go to the ball, they must across the deep river. So, they stopped beside the river. They confused how to across the dee river. Suddenly, Yuyu Kangkang came. Klenting Kuning’s step Mother and sisters were very surprised.
“s..s..s..s.. what are you doing here? Ladies S … S ..?”
“ww..wwe wanted to go to the ball. In the palace. Can you help me?”
 “S … S… hmm…, but, S … S ..you must give me a reward! S. .. S.. hm … S. .. S. .. hm. Kiss .. kiss … kiss … S ..S”
“What … ? Kiss you? Oh no!” shouted Klenting Merah.
“never!” said Klenting Biru.
“hm .. . S.. S.. Ok, I never help you! S .. s..s”
 “OK! But, help me first!”said mother. “S … S … S … Come On!” Then, Yuyu Kangkang helped them across the river … “S … S … S … finished ! S … S … S.. S .. S but, don’t forget! S .. S. .. Kiss …Kiss .. Kiss. .!”
“O.K.” said mother and sisters. Then, they kissed Yuyu Kangkang and left him alone to go to the ball.
Next to the river, Klenting Kuning cryed. She was very sad, because she could not go to the ball. And, suddenly Yuyu Kangkang came to her. “S … S … S… what are you doing here? S … S …” “hm.. hikz … I can’t go to the ball hikz … hikz … who can help me?”  “S … S … I can help you, baby… S … S …”said Yuyu Kangkang.
 “S …S … yes … S .. S… but, … there is a reward S … S …! Kiss … Kiss … kisss ! but … oh … you are so smelly … ukh … no no no! Don’t kiss me!”
“but, what about me? Do you want to help me?” said Klenting Kuning.
 “S … S … O.K. I’ll help you!S … S … but, don’t kiss me!” Yuyu Kangkang help Klenting Kuning. Then, Klenting Kuning went to the ball. And she met the prince, Ande-Ande Lumut. He felt in love with Klenting Kuning for first sight. He wanted to marry her, because she didn’t kiss Yuyu Kangkang. Knowing this news, the step mother and sisters very jealous and disapointed. But the prince didn’t like them, because they kissed Yuyu Kangkang. Finally, Klenting Kuning and Ande-ande Lumut got married. Then, they lived happy ever after.

9. Tolong buatkan drama 2 orang tentang legenda dalam bahasa inggris

The two brothers

Once upon a time, there
were two brothers who worked as farmers growing rice. They were both very good to each other.

One year, the elder brother had some rice to spare. He thought, I’d better give some to my younger brother. He has a large family to feed. That night, he carried a large sack of rice to his brother’s house. He left it outside the door.

The next day, he went to his store to count the remaining sacks of rice. He was surprised. He still had the same number as before. “How is it possible?” he asked himself. “I’d better take another sack of rice to my brother’s house tonight.”

So that night, after dark, he carried another sack of rice to his brother’s house. Once more, the next morning, he counted the number of sack of rice left in his store. He still had the same number as before.

“I can’t believe it,” he said. “All right, I’ll take another sack of rice to my brother’s house tonight.

That night, for the third time, he went to his brother’s house carrying a sack of rice on his back. The moon was very bright. He saw someone carrying a sack of rice coming towards him. It was his younger brother.

“Why, it’s you, younger brother,” he called out.

His younger brother stopped and put down the sack of rice he was carrying. without saying any more, they both understood what had happened. They laughed for a long time.

10. Contoh Naskah Drama Tentang Cerita legenda bahasa Inggris. Singkat aja.​


language English :

The Lake Toba

A long time ago, there lived a young orphan farmer in the northern part of the island of Sumatra. The area is very dry. Syahdan, the young man lived from farming and fishing. One day he was fishing a fish so beautiful. The color is golden yellow. So holding, the fish turned into a lovely princess. The daughter of a woman who was condemned for violating a ban. He will turn into a kind of creature that first touch. Therefore, human touches it, it turns into a princess.

Fascinated by her beauty, the young farmer’s daughter asked her to be his wife. The proposal is accepted on condition that the young man would not tell its origin from the farmer ikan.Pemuda the terms agreed. After a year, the couple blessed with a boy. He has a bad habit that is never satiated. He ate all the food.

One day the boy was eating all the food from their parents. The young man was very upset saying: “basic offspring of fish!” That statement by itself isterinya.Dengan thus unlock the secrets of their promise has been violated.

His wife and son disappeared mysteriously. The land of their former footing springs. The water that flows from the spring growing bigger and bigger. And being a vast lake. The lake is now called Lake Toba.

bahasa Indonesia :

Danau Toba

Pada jaman dahulu, hiduplah seorang pemuda tani yatim piatu di bagian utara pulau Sumatra. Daerah tersebut sangatlah kering. Syahdan, pemuda itu hidup dari bertani dan memancing ikan. Pada suatu hari ia memancing seekor ikan yang sangat indah. Warnanya kuning keemasan. Begitu dipegangnya, ikan tersebut berubah menjadi seorang putri jelita. Putri itu adalah wanita yang dikutuk karena melanggar suatu larangan. Ia akan berubah menjadi sejenis mahluk yang pertama menyentuhnya. Oleh karena yang menyentuhnya manusia, maka ia berubah menjadi seorang putri.

Terpesona oleh kecantikannya, maka pemuda tani tersebut meminta sang putri untuk menjadi isterinya. Lamaran tersebut diterima dengan syarat bahwa pemuda itu tidak akan menceritakan asal-usulnya yang berasal dari ikan.Pemuda tani itu menyanggupi syarat tersebut. Setelah setahun, pasangan suami istri tersebut dikarunia seorang anak laki-laki. Ia mempunyai kebiasaan buruk yaitu tidak pernah kenyang. Ia makan semua makanan yang ada.

Pada suatu hari anak itu memakan semua makanan dari orang tuanya. Pemuda itu sangat jengkelnya berkata: “dasar anak keturunan ikan!”Pernyataan itu dengan sendirinya membuka rahasia dari isterinya.Dengan demikian janji mereka telah dilanggar.

Istri dan anaknya menghilang secara gaib. Ditanah bekas pijakan mereka menyemburlah mata air. Air yang mengalir dari mata air tersebut makin lama makin besar. Dan menjadi sebuah danau yang sangat luas. Danau itu kini bernama Danau Toba.

penjelasan :

semoga membantu

11. berikan contoh drama bahasa inggris legenda untuk 6 orang

Contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris 6 orang

Judul : Masa Depan Kita
Tema : Sosial & Persahabatan
Jumlah pemeran : 6 orang
Penokohan : Ilham : Berkpribadian baik
Muklis : Berkpribadian baik
Zahra : Berkpribadian baik
Rara : Berkepribadian buruk
Munir : Berkepribadian buruk
Intan : Suka mengingatkan

Sinopis of Drama

There are 6 friends who have been friends since a long time. They are the inspiration, my colleague David, Zahra, Rara, Munir, and Diamond.

Berebeda with four friends, attitude and personality contrasts with Rara and Munir Ilham thinking, my colleague David, Zahra, and Diamond.

At one meeting, Rara and Munir reprimanded because of his attitude still like a child.

inspiration :
What the hell do we do that the ideals that we have it will actually be realized and not just a dream ?

Muklis :
Yes of course, a lot of what you must do, say from now you should begin to organize your life and personality.

Zahra :
True what is said by my colleague David. Indeed, a lot of which we have to prepare so that in the future what we dream can come true.

Rara :
Ah, you are such a course his work. Want it want it, why the hell wrote nyantai ? anyways guys it’s still easy, still plenty of time.

Munir :
Yes, on a busy young uda mikirn that far. Already lah aja youth nikmatin you, ntar your dreams also come alone.

Intan :
Munir, Rara, you really think like that anyway? precisely because we are young so we should be able to take advantage of the time we have.

Muklis :
True what is said Diamond. I was also surprised at you ( Rara & Munir ) kerjannya merely playing everyday.

inspiration :
Munir, Rara, this time you are still young and everything you need can still be satisfied by the father / your mother, but in the future it you should be able to meet your own needs, so from now on you have to be willing to think and work hard.

Intan :
Well, listen tuh what dibilaingin inspiration. You should not be so young people without direction, you must be willing to fight from now on.

Rara :
Hemm, indifferent…

Munir :
Yeah, these guys at your own motivator nyantai supposedly.. why the hell wrote.

Fourth Munir and Rara friend just shook his head and see attitude Munir seoarang Rara which is like a small child.

Although Diamond realize that it is very difficult to be reminded Rara and Munir, but he still tried to resuscitate the other two.

Intan :
Rara, how old are you now ?

Munir : So what you really nanya any age ?

Rara : I must have been 17 years old, what is it?

Intan :
Well, you already know yourself if you’re already 17 years of age. Try to imagine what would you do in the next 5-10 years ?

Rara :
I do not understand you mean, mean what ?

Munir :
Yes, I am also confused with you, Tan. Asked the old man, continues to Nanya what will be done in the next 5-10 years, yes of course wrote not you know life is ngalir wrote.

Intan :
I mean put it this way, if you are age 17 years and now already in 10 years of age you will be 27 years old. Announcing you that the life when you are already 27 years
of age it will change drastically from how you feel now. So we have to be young while preparing themselves for the future of our future, yes examples such as what is delivered by Ilham, et al.

Rara and Munir finally think the diamond after hearing the explanation. Since that Munir and Rara showed significant attitude change.

12. legenda dalam bahasa inggris tapi singkat ​

Legenda dalam bahasa inggris itu Legend


13. naskah drama bahasa inggris untuk 20 orang tema legenda indonesia

Narrator : Five thousand years ago, at an unknown place, there lived a beautiful princess named Snow White. Her skin was as white as snow, her lips were gorgeous, and her hair was shiny. She was an orphan, she lived at the palace belongs to her step-mother. That arrogant queen has an unimportant habit, which was she always asking her faithful Fortune-Teller, who was the most beautiful woman in the universe, and the answer was always the queen. One day, the queen asking the same question to her Fortune-Teller again. The Queen : Hey, my faithful Fortune-Teller! Who is the most beautiful woman in the universe? (With an arrogant pride) Fortune-Teller : My queen, the most beautiful woman in the universe is Snow White. Sorry, but now you are not more beautiful than Snow White. (With flat expression) The Queen : Snow White?! It is impossible! My lovely cat is more beautiful than her! Don’t be joking! (Surprised and angry) Fortune-Teller : My queen, I am not joking. If you did not believe it, you could take a look on the mirror in your palace together with Snow White. Definitely, the one who is more beautiful will be… The Queen : Enough! I don’t want to hear it! Since now, you are expelled! (Screaming and pointing her finger to Fortune-Teller, then stand up and leaving the Fortune-Teller’s house) Fortune-Teller : My queen, I did not mean to… Narrator : The queen left the Fortune-Teller’s house angrily. She really did not think there was the one who was more beautiful than her. Moreover, she was Snow White, her step-child. She could not accept this reality. When she arrived at her palace… The Queen : It was impossible, really impossible! This was fault. Snow White, the child who was just sleeping-eating-sleeping-eating? That Fortune-Teller should be crazy! (Keep grumbling by her own self while walking around in her room) Narrator : Snow White was crossing the queen’s room, than she suddenly stopped because she has heard her name was mentioned. She kept eavesdropping from the door. The Queen : (Sat and thinking hardly). Snow White can’t be the most beautiful woman in this universe. (Thinking) Ah! Eureka! She must be vanished. Ya. Narrator : Snow White was surprised. She kept eavesdropping. The Queen : I must kill her! But, how is the way? Narrator : The Queen was found an idea; she groped her pocket, picked her phone and pressed some number. The Guardian : (Across from line phone) Yes, my queen? What could I do? The Queen : The Guardian, go to my room as soon as possible! The Guardian : Roger! Errr, should I go now? The Queen : Tomorrow! Grrr, of course NOW! Jerk!! The Guardian : Ehehe, okay okay. I would be there immediately. Narrator : Snow White moved to her room quickly, a few seconds later, The Guardian has come and entered The Queen’s room. The Guardian : What’s the matter, my queen? The Queen : I command you to kill Snow White, my step-child. The Guardian : What?! It is impossible, my queen. I am afraid to kill a person. Our sin would be unforgivable and the hell would be waiting for us. Moreover, Snow White was kind-hearted and… The Queen : Don’t give me a lecture! If you do not want to do it, I will kill your wife and your children! Now, which will you choose? The Guardian : (Keep silent) Okay, my queen. I would obey your command. But, how could I kill her? The Queen : Whatever! Stab, hit, burn, torture or induce was your choice. Or you want to throw her to a ravine, it is fine. Notice that, Snow White must die within this night. Understand? The Guardian : Un… Understood, my queen! Narrator : The Guardian was left The Queen’s room immediately. (Knock knock knock) Snow White : Come! The Guardian : (Talking with scary face) Princess, you were called by The Queen. She was waiting in her room. Narrator : Snow White felt unwell. She predicted The Queen would kill her. Finally, she has found an idea. Snow White : Okay, guardian! I would be there. (Leaving her room calmly) Narrator : The Guardian led Snow White to The Queen’s room. He has found a way to kill Snow White. Snow White : Guardian, sorry, seems like I have spotted a rat’s dung in the kitchen. Could you go there to clean it? I could go to mom’s room by myself. The Guardian : Okay, princess! Excuse me. (Go to the kitchen) Narrator : After assured The Guardian has disappeared from the corner of corridor, Snow White ran out of the palace immediately. She decided to escape from her step-mother’s killing scheme. She kept running to a forest, crossing a river, walking to a

14. naskah drama horor bahasa inggris tentang legenda

This night was very cold. Two days Chinese New Year will arrive. Vivin who was standing at the bus stop, rubbing his hands to ward off the cold.
The faint sound of an owl in the distance. Vivin condemned the boss in the liver, because it forced him to leave at this very unpleasant.
Vivin commissioned to deliver a package to an old warehouse on the edge of town. The trip there takes about half an hour, and the only type of public transport available is the decker that was old and slow way.
After a long wait, the bus finally came. Vivin climbed. There are only a few passengers could be seen. Vivin kept walking toward the stairs because he decided to sit at the top level only. But the pace was stopped by a wrinkled old woman sitting near the stairs.
Grandma said, “Do not go upstairs, boy. Above dangerous.” Vivin surprised. He had heard scary stories about decker as he had been told his friends. Since Feeling horrified, even thought better Vivin to rise to the top. After selecting a bench some distance, sat Vivin imagine the terrible things that might happen.
A tense 30-minute journey was finally able to be passed. Vivin has arrived at his destination, when the bus stopped in a multilevel bus stop. Vivin down while pulling a sigh of relief, while the bus was back on his way.
The following evening, one night before Chinese New Year night, Vivin return Assigned boss to deliver a package to the warehouse the same again. Vivin was again headed for the bus stop. The same bus with a bus yesterday to appear again. Vivin up.
Passenger bus that is visible only a few people. Vivin then walked toward the stairs. But there Vivin again stopped by a wrinkled old woman sitting near the stairs. Grandma is the same as yesterday.
Grandma said, “Do not go upstairs, boy. Above dangerous.” Vivin remembered by his experience yesterday. He felt scared and chose to sit on a bench some distance away from the stairs. After 30 minutes, multilevel bus finally stopped at the stop Vivin destination. Vivin down with a feeling of relief. And the bus continued on back.
The next day, just on the eve of Chinese New Year, Vivin again given the task by his boss to deliver a package back to the warehouse the same with previous. Vivin waiting for a bus at the bus stop, looking kesekelilingnya.
Looks festive atmosphere of the city. Lanterns and colorful decorations adorn street corners. When he was waiting to come decker, Vivin up. The bus was the same bus yesterday.
Vivin looking towards the bench near the stairs, and sure enough, the same grandmother who is seen sitting in there yesterday.
Vivin then approached the old woman’s wrinkl
Before the old woman said nothing, Vivin preceded, “Grandma, What will Grandma say anything, I would still go up and sit on top. Tonight is the night of the Lunar and atmosphere are so full swing, I’m not afraid of nothing!”
Without waiting for anything from the old grandmother, Vivin then went upstairs. No passengers were on top of one person. Vivin chose to sit near the window, and waited with tense feelings.
But up to 30 minutes passed, nothing happened at all. Vivin finally reached their destination, and the bus was stopped at a stop. Vivin down from the upper level and look for wrinkled old woman near the stairs.
After the meeting, then Vivin asked, “Grandma, why do, Grandma forbid passengers to ride to the top? I’ve tried it myself, it turns out none of the above anything harmful. Actually, what’s wrong, Nan?”
As he pointed his finger upward, wrinkled old woman replied, “On a dangerous, son. There is no driver.”

15. Tuliskan drama bahasa inggris tentang legenda dengan beranggota 8 orang:-).. Makasih

Scenario Drama:

1. Drama Themes: Religious Values

2. Ritma Drama Story:

I. Exposition

II. issues

Idha desire to use the veil, although not able to recite the Quran properly.

III. complication

Azi not like the decision Idha to slice, because they are not worthy to wear it.

IV. Note 1

Azi trying to find support for Idha aside from their association, because it is veiled only to give the impression of goody-goody alone.

V. Note 2

Martin and Immah feel Idha decision to slice needs to be supported, and encouraged to continue studying religion. Not by alienating.

VI. conclusion

Idha remain veiled and improve the way the recitation of the Qur’an correctly.

3. Character
a. The protagonist (Good): Idha
b. Antagonist (Evil): Azi
c. Tritagonis: Martin and Immah
d. extras:
– Sophia
– Revelation
– Ikhsan
– Panca
4. Background
a. place


b. time


Drama Script:

One morning on Sunday, drizzle was falling casually. Without knowing the time, from early morning until the chicken has been crowing until now that is supposed sunrise. But lost by a wash of dark clouds. Although not a sunny Sunday morning, and made the inhabitants of Al-Amin hated boarding and clots dissolve in warm blankets. Not for Idha, girls of this small village, very like the rain.

Idha: I am a creature of rain lovers …

Martin roommate know that Idha sitting alone among the chill wind mixed with rain water on the porch, trying to accompany.

Martin: Cold Dha … later ill, enter ONLY! Day of the week as well … even good for sleeping all day!

Idha: Later, still engrossed rain clay …

Martin just shook his head, amazed what pleasure of seeing the rain and the cold air. He was finally seated beside Idha.

Idha: I actually want to wear the hijab mar …

Martin thought for a moment and then said a few words.

Martin: Yes already immediately use, you already deserve why if veiled. Praying five times always work on in the beginning. Prayer at any sunnah fasting you often do you? So want to wait any longer …?

Idha: Looks like I do not deserve …

Martin: How come? If I was still in doubt, knowing still not emotionally stable …

Idha: Did electric current … ??

Martin: Already ah … go first. If you want to wear, not what it used to wear hijab. Later after payday you buy yourself …

Idha could only smile and give a thumbs-up, nod and thank you. The rain has not let up, still silent Idha itself almost dreamy. Then he felt there was a voice that said to him.

If you wait for a new first Holy tartil jilbaban, if trigger death how?

Idha also seemed to realize, he finally entered the room kostnya. After a while the rain finally let up, even though the sun is reluctant to give a light warm moist earth. Azi friends next room, knocked on the door Idha.

Idha: Uh .. Azi, what is it?

Azi: Lah, since when do you wear a headscarf? I just know …

Idha: Bismillah started today!

Azi: Already can Koran yet ?? Hijab’s not a mask …

Idha just stay quiet. Azi was unhappy with the deciding Idha veiled, even though he knew the Koran Idha could not well. Feel this includes actions nyleneh and violate the rules! He came into the room Sophia, who turns in it was busy hanging out with Revelation, Immah, and Panca.

Azi: You know, past the Idha now wear the hijab.

Immah: Oh yeah? Alhamdulillah … guidance comes to boarding our friend.

Azi: Hidayah indeed be thankful for, but can not Idha the Koran. Koran can not, because I’m wearing the hijab. Later wondering if anyone even religious issues usually shaking. Itukan public deception name!

Revelation: Future Idha already going 20 years have not been able Koran Zi?

Azi: I do not believe, wong last month at his request taught me too!

Five: Terrific mean, already dared wear hijab! I wrote not dare.

Azi: Great ass, then if he ngajari law beyond what? The fact dangerous!

Immah: Huss .. istighfar Zi, there are good friends already on the road really pray that bad ..! You who’ve asked for help ngajari Koran, means Idha right to learn. Not necessarily the origin of wear hijab …

Azi just stay quiet, do not bother and went to the room kostnya own. Followed by Panca, while Immah go to Idha room.

Immah: Glad I see you wearing the hijab this ..

Idha: Yeah ya, Doain same can be sustained even add their knowledge. Ma’am Immah should teach me the Koran?
Immah: We met Mas Ikhsan wrote, he’s teach children the Koran here.

After a while Ikhsan appeared, was about to ask for money payments monthly boarding children.

Immah: Well kak … incidentally, is Idha willing to learn the Koran.

Ikhsan: Alhamdulillah … willing to learn when? Could later join the Koran to the mosque. Or if embarrassed private later, I was back here.

Martin: Yes mas, I also want to learn all the better let ngajinya.

Idha: Thank you Ikhsan mas ..

16. Contoh legenda singkat bahasa inggris!

Jawaban & Penjelasan:


A long time ago, in a small village near the beach in West Sumatra lived a woman and her son, Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang and his mother had to live hard because his father had passed away when he was a baby. Malin Kundang was a healthy, dilligent, and strong boy. He usually went to sea to catch fish. After getting fish he would bring it to his mother, or sell the caught fish in the town. One day, when Malin Kundang was sailing, he saw a merchant’s ship being raided by a band of pirates. With his bravery, Malin Kundang helped the merchant defeat the pirates. To thank him, the merchant allowed Malin Kundang to sail with him. Malin Kundang agreed in the hope to get a better life. He left his mother alone. Many years later, Malin Kundang became wealthy. He had a huge ship and a lot of crews who worked loading trading goods. He was also married to a beautiful woman. When he was sailing on his trading journey, his ship landed on a coast near a small village. The local people recognized that it was Malin Kundang,
a boy from the area. The news ran fast in the town; “Malin Kundang has become rich and now he is here”. An old woman, who was Malin Kundang’s mother, ran to the beach to meet the new rich merchant. She wanted to hug him to release her sadness of being lonely after a long time. When his mother came near him, Malin Kundang who was with his beautiful wife and his ship crews denied that she was his mother. She had pleaded Malin Kundang to look at her and admit that she was her mother. But he kept refusing to do it and yelling at her. At last Malin Kundang said to her “Enough, old woman! I have never had a mother like you, a dirty and ugly woman!” After that he ordered his crews to set sail to leave the old woman who was then full of sadness and anger. Finally, feeling enraged, she cursed Malin Kundang that he would turn into a stone if he didn’t apologize to her. Malin Kundang just laughed and set sail. Suddenly a thunderstorm came in the quiet sea, wrecking his huge ship. He was thrown out to a small island. It was really too late for him to avoid his curse, he had turned into a stone.


Indonesian Translation


Dahulu kala, di sebuah desa kecil dekat pantai di Sumatra Barat tinggal seorang wanita dan putranya, Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang dan ibunya harus hidup keras karena ayahnya telah meninggal ketika dia masih bayi. Malin Kundang adalah anak yang sehat, rajin, dan kuat. Dia biasanya pergi ke laut untuk menangkap ikan. Setelah mendapatkan ikan, ia akan membawanya ke ibunya, atau menjual ikan yang ditangkap itu di kota. Suatu hari, ketika Malin Kundang berlayar, dia melihat kapal pedagang diserbu oleh sekelompok perompak. Dengan keberaniannya, Malin Kundang membantu pedagang mengalahkan para perompak. Untuk berterima kasih padanya, pedagang itu mengizinkan Malin Kundang untuk berlayar bersamanya. Malin Kundang setuju dengan harapan untuk mendapatkan kehidupan yang lebih baik. Dia meninggalkan ibunya sendirian. Bertahun-tahun kemudian, Malin Kundang menjadi kaya. Dia punya kapal besar dan banyak kru yang bekerja memuat barang dagangan. Ia juga menikah dengan seorang wanita cantik. Ketika dia berlayar dalam perjalanan dagangnya, kapalnya mendarat di pantai dekat sebuah desa kecil. Masyarakat setempat mengenali bahwa itu adalah Malin Kundang, seorang bocah lelaki dari daerah itu. Berita itu menyebar dengan cepat di kota; “Malin Kundang telah menjadi kaya dan sekarang dia ada di sini”. Seorang wanita tua, yang mana ia adalah ibu Malin Kundang, berlari ke pantai untuk bertemu pedagang kaya baru. Dia ingin memeluknya untuk melepaskan kesedihannya karena kesepian setelah waktu yang lama. Ketika ibunya mendekati dia, Malin Kundang yang bersama istrinya yang cantik dan awak kapalnya menyangkal bahwa dia adalah ibunya. Dia telah memohon Malin Kundang untuk melihatnya dan mengakui bahwa dia adalah ibunya. Tapi dia terus menolak untuk melakukannya dan berteriak padanya. Akhirnya Malin Kundang berkata kepadanya, “Cukup, wanita tua! Saya tidak pernah memiliki ibu seperti Anda, seorang wanita yang kotor dan jelek!” Setelah itu ia memerintahkan anak buahnya untuk berlayar meninggalkan wanita tua yang saat itu penuh dengan kesedihan dan kemarahan. Akhirnya, merasa marah, dia mengutuk Malin Kundang bahwa dia akan berubah menjadi batu jika dia tidak meminta maaf padanya. Malin Kundang hanya tertawa dan berlayar. Tiba – tiba badai datang di laut yang tenang, menghancurkan kapalnya yang besar. Dia dibuang ke sebuah pulau kecil. Sudah sangat terlambat baginya untuk menghindari kutukannya, dia telah berubah menjadi batu.

Jadikan Jawaban yg terbaik yh kakkk…. Plissss


legenda di antara nya “fish man”



fish man ialah legenda di mana seorang lelaki yang sudah memiliki seorang istri yang durhaka ke padanya.liat ae di yuoutube

selender girl adalah cerita dari rakyat Amerika yg melegenda.bisa di liat di youtube


17. naskah drama legenda untuk bahasa inggris dong

the script of the drama the legend,maaf kalow salah jawaban saya

18. drama bahasa inggris tentang sebuah legenda

Legenda Danau Toba dalam Bahasa Inggris 
In a long time ago, lived a young man named Toba. He had two excellent abilities in terms of fishing and farming. When fishing, Toba was very astute and did not require a long time to get the fish. Just thrown the hook into the river, and he got the big fish.
One afternoon, he went fishing to a river that was wide enough. Within seconds after he threw the hook into the river, the fish immediately grabbed the bait and he got a big fish for dinner.
He immediately went home and along the way he continued pleased because of having enough fish for a dinner. He immediately moved the fish from the creel to the tub filled with water. He wanted the fish stay fresh when cooked so the taste was remarkably good. After putting fish inside the tubs, he prepared seasoning and firewood which needed in the process of ripening. Unfortunately, firewood in the house was out and he immediately looked for firewood in the forest.
Several hours later, he went home and carrying firewood pretty much to cook the fish. However, when he got home, he was surprised because the fish was lost. He even found pieces of gold, and a beautiful girl who was sitting in his room.
Furthermore, the beautiful girl told to Toba that she was the fish which arrested by him, and pieces of gold was the part of constitutes fish. He then asked that pretty girl to marry him. The beautiful girl agreed to his request, but he should not bring up the past of that beautiful girl. Toba approved it and they were married.
His wife and him got are blessed a boy named Samosir. His child was very agile, intelligent, but spoiled. When his child reached an age, there are task which should be performed every day, namely delivering the food into his rice fields. One time, his child felt very lazy to deliver food to the field and made his wife scolded.
Finally, his child forced usher these foods into the field. Because so upset, his child ate most of the food at the trip, then bring it to the field with just a little food. When food given to the Toba, of course he surprised and asked about it to his son.
Toba was furious to learn that his son had eaten the food. He said that his son was a child fish and his child came home while crying. His son complained to his wife and makes his wife so furious.
His wife was so angry and assumed that Toba had been violated the covenant. Although Toba had begged so much, but his wife would not forgive him and went with his son to the river. The Wife and his son turned into a fish again.
Instantly, the rain came in a very heavy and flushed Toba to sink. Heavy rains formed a lake known as Toba Lake.

19. Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris untuk 20 Orang, bertema legenda Indonesia.

terjemah aja ceritanya dari indonesia ke inggris

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