Deskripsi Tentang Guru Favorit Dalam Bahasa Inggris Dan Artinya

Deskripsi Tentang Guru Favorit Dalam Bahasa Inggris Dan Artinya

Deskripsi guru favorit dalam bahasa inggris

1. Deskripsi guru favorit dalam bahasa inggris

My Favorites TeacherI have a favorite teacher in my school. He is Mr. Bambang. He is my English teacher. He is still young. His age is approximately 30 years. However, He is the strict and discipline person. Though his face is quite creepy, his heart is very good. He has short hair that always looks neat. He’s always wearing glasses to cover his wide eyes. He also has long mustache and beard fairly dense. All female students in my school really like him. According to them, He is cool and macho man with a pointy nose and white skin.He is very good to his students. He always gives logic advice or opinions when we need his help. He has made all his students loved learning English language because he is very smart to create quiet and comfortable atmosphere in classroom. He always has the latest ideas in teaching. I think he is a very creative and innovative teacher. His warm personality made him the most favorite teacher. He is good in making friend and talking in front of the crowd. Every person who is close to him will feel comfortable because of his personality.During he teaches us. He is never late or do not go to class. He is very diligent to go to school, even though his coming is always eagerly awaited by the students. Unlike most other teachers He is very friendly with his students. He is happy to hang out with us. Nevertheless we still respect him as our teacher. If all teachers like He, I am sure all the students really like to go to school.
My favourite teacher is Mr. Tito. He has a pointed nose, fair skin or maybe pale skin, and he has a brown hair. He is so kind to all of his student, he can ex
plain the lesson clearly and won’t make us confuse. He also welcome us if we ask a question to him. The other traits that i like from him is his patient, i often tease him but he always forgive me. That’s why i like Mr. Tito so much and i would like to give him a gift later. I would always remember him as one of my favourite teacher even when i have graduated

2. Mendeskripsikan seorang guru favorit dalam bahasa inggris




    My name is Dee. I study at SMPN Brainly Nuansa Indah. I am very fond of studying in this school because of its ambient. I would like to tell you about my English teacher.  She is the reason , that’s why i study in this school. Her name is Mrs. Saraliena. She is my favorite teacher.

   Mrs. Saraliena always helps her students to understand the English lesson whenever they are confused. She never takes any serious reaction when her students are childish and naughty. She always advises them well. She is very patient in solving any problem in the class. All of her students like her.

She is a best figure in our class. I would like to become her someday.



Genre teks yang  menjabarkan  suatu benda, orang dan tempat secara khusus ( spesifik ) yang menjadi ciri khas.


Identification :

Bagian pembuka paragraf yang terletak di awal sebagai pengenalan siapa/apa yang akan dibahas

Description :

Bagian paragraf kedua yang menjabarkan ciri khas dari orang/benda/tempat yang di bicarakan.

Conclusion :

Bagian penutup paragraf akhir yang berisi kesimpulan atau pendapat dari si penulis tentang cerita yang dijabarkan. Bagian ini optional ( Bisa ditulis atau pun tidak )




GRADE         = JHS

CODE           = 5


3. deskripsikan guru favorit menggunakan bahasa inggris (perempuan)​


I have a very good teacher, she is named Mrs. Dewi (ex), she is very beautiful, kind, as she helps me when I feel difficulties in learning, and she is the best teacher.I am very happy to have a teacher like her.


maaf ya klo salah

semoga membantu 🙂

oh iya (ex) itu artinya contoh ya

4. Contoh Teks Deskripsi Mengenai Seseorang guru bahasa inggris paling favorit di sekolah dalam Bahasa Inggris YANG PANJANG YAA

mr/mrs youre good in english ………you teach i and my friend english …….you can answer all my question ….you are favorrite teacher in the school you know anything about english lessons thanks to yo mr/mrs …………….ilove you so much .you ARE my greetings and samrt teacher in y school..thank to your lessons that you give to all my friends all my seniors and all my juniors and ti me tooo……………..WE are love yoooouuuu
I have an english teacher. His name is Mr. Peter. I guess he is 30 years old. He’s still looks so young for me. Mr. Peter is so tall and he wear a glasses. Seems like his hobby is reading. I admire him so much. Who would not? Beside he’s so tall, he is handsome too. And he is so kind toward his student. He always do his best to make his student get his point. I like his method to teach english. I really wish that i could be his favorite student. so i do my best when it comes to his lesson. 

5. Deskripsikan tentang hewan favoritmu atau tumbuhan favoritmu dalam bahasa inggris 5 kalimat saja.

I like rose, because i like red color and rose is beautiful flowers My favorite animal is Cat. My cat named Duma. he is very fat cat. he has a white color fur with a brown stripe on his body. he likes to eat chicken and drink milk, every morning I always gives him milk. he always sleeps with me in my room. I really love my Duma. he’s not just my pet but he also my best friend.

6. tolong buatkan deskripsi tentang guru favorit laki laki menggunakan bahasa inggris dan artinyaa

I have an english teacher. His name is Mr. Peter. I guess he is 30 years old. He’s still looks so young for me. Mr. Peter is so tall and he wear a glasses. Seems like his hobby is reading. I admire him so much. Who would not? Beside he’s so tall, he is handsome too. And he is so kind toward his student. He always do his best to make his student get his point. I like his method to teach english. I really wish that i could be his favorite student. so i do my best when it comes to his lesson. 

7. deskripsi tentang makanan favorit dalam bahasa inggris


my favorite food is Spagettie (misalnya & bisa diganti dengan makanan yang lain kok) .i like it because it was so delicious! i can make it at home( maksudnya bisa membuat sendiri dirumah,kalau tidak bisa tulis can nya diganti cant)

8. deskripsi guru favorit dalam. bahasa indonesia

Guru favoritku

Guru favoritku telah datang. Mengenakan baju merah. Beliau akan mengajar materi IPS hari ini.
Hal yang membuatku suka dengannya, yakni cara mengajarnya. Sangat unik. Diselingi canda tawa, dan kuis hiburan yang membuat para siswa cepat mengerti tentang materinya.
Suaranya lembut. Beliau tidak pernah marah. Dengan lembut, dia selalu menasehati kami.
Sebentar lagi, dia akan pensiun. Kami sangat sedih, tidak bisa bercanda dengannya lagi. Aku tidak akan melupakannya.
Tapi sekarang, aku sudah berhasil. Terimakasih, guruku.. berkatmu aku bisa sukses sekarang. Hari ini akan lebih baik daripada hari esok !

Semoga membantu^^

9. menjawab dalam bahasa inggrisguru favorit saya guru bahasa inggris​


My favorite teacher is an english teacher

*semoga membantu dan maaf kalau salah

10. cara mendeskripsikan guru terfavorit di sekolah dengan memakai bahasa Inggris

Pake bhs. Inggris dan buat tema, alur, dan sudut pandang (langsung aku kasih aja ya contoh deskripsinya)

I have a very good teacher, beautiful, friendly if for example he teaches he never got angry at us he is patient and I am very fond of the teacher even though our value is ugly he gives us extra points / value every Saturday we always sing together with a happy and happy heart then it is he my favorite teacher

11. Karangan tentang guru favorit dalam bahasa inggris ke dalam indonesia


my favorite teacher is very nice and beautiful person, in my opinion a teacher like him is the only one in my school, he is very understanding with his children, he is polite and friendly to people around him

12. Membuat deskripsi bahasa inggris menenai angka favorit

my favorite number is 5. because, i was born at 5 October, and i always get my monthly money every 5th in month. and i always getting lucky when i join the lottery and i use my number 5. i always win that lottery. that’s why 5 is my favourite number.

13. apa bahasa Inggris nya guru favorit saya​


my favorite teacher..


maaf kalau salah


My Favorite Teacher


Semoga Membantu & Bermanfaat

14. Bagaimana Mendeskripsikan seorang guru favorit dalam bahasa jerman ?

Ich habe einen tollen Lehrer an meiner Schule. Ihr Name ist Frau Sarah. Sie ist freundlich und hilft gerne denen, die Probleme mit ihren Englischaufgaben haben. Sie berät auch gerne Schüler, die es brauchen. Zum Beispiel, gestern hat mein Freund Drack ein persönliches Gespräch. Ich weiß nicht, wovon sie reden, aber ich bin sicher, Drack geht es jetzt viel besser. Ich kann es von seinem Gesicht sehen. Er lächelt jetzt gerade. Frau Sarah unterrichtet auch sehr nett und nett. Sie wiederholt und erklärt das Thema den Schülern, die es noch nicht verstanden haben, nicht wie die anderen Lehrer, die sie ignorieren, die das Thema noch nicht verstanden haben. Ich denke, dass Frau Sarah der beste Lehrer ist, den ich in meinem ganzen Leben getroffen habe. Du solltest sie an meiner Schule treffen, wenn du ein persönliches Gespräch führen willst, oder du kannst einfach zu ihr kommen. Ich wette, sie wird Ihnen den besten Rat geben, den sie geben kann, und wenn Sie Schwierigkeiten haben, Englisch zu verstehen, können Sie sie auch treffen. Ich wette, sie wird dir geduldig beibringen, bis du es verstehst.

15. deskripsikan guru favorit dalam bahasa inggris 3 paragraf… dijawab yaaa…

Our teachers are very good at English. in addition, he also patiently taught us to learn English. we are very happy as he teachesMy favorite teacher is Ms, Annie. she is a beautiful woman. She always smile every where she goes. All students in my class love her very much.

She teach us with a very attractive way. Sometimes a few student make her angry. but she didnt take it seriously. She is my inspiration.

We are so glad that we have a teacher like Ms. Annie. She gives a lot of solutions for student who have problems . She didnt punish student because she really care about us. I really love this year because Ms. Annie is my homeroom teacher .

16. Buatlah deskripsi tentang guru favorit ku dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris


She is my teacher

I am very love her

Beacuse she is kind, friendly and polite

Everybody like her

Someday i want to be a teacher

Beacuse i want to proud my country

Maaf klo salah semoga membantu

17. bercerita tentang guru favorit di sekolah dalam bahasa inggris​


my favorite teacher is Mrs. linda she is very strict and disciplined because she is strict many naughty students are punished and she is very strict because so she is my favorite teacher why is that? because Mrs. linda is disciplined and good Example if there are students who can’t learn the subject matter she learns it patiently so thank you


Sekian Terima kasih :v

I really like my social studies teacher.(his name) cause he really nice to me and he is so friendly to his student.And if i don’t understand something he will explain it again until i understand.That’s all bye and have a good day

18. deskripsi tentang tempat favorit pakai bahasa inggris​



Borobudur temple is one of the most beautiful tourist resorts in Indonesia. It is situated in central Java. Borobudur temple is one of the seven wonders of the world which needs to be preserved its circumstances. The people all over the world know that Borobudur is one of the greatest art works that ever known since long time ago.

          Borobudur temple was built by Syailendra Dynasty during the eighth century. It needed more than two million river stones. It is the biggest temple in the world.


Semoga membantu ><




Who does not know Bali?, I am sure from all of you already know the island of Bali. Maybe even, there is already a memorized about tourist attractions on the island of Bali. Although some have never visited tourist destinations of indonesia on this one. This time the Twisata will invite you to know more the natural beauty that can be found on the island of Bali is primarily for those of you who have never been here.

Bali Island, is an island located in the unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and the most famous in almost all over the world. This saves the island‘s natural beauty and unique culture which is still worn to this day. In addition keramah tamahan of the population also became characteristic of the island of Bali, and can make us happy to linger for long day trips to destinations that are nicknamed the island of the gods. Culture in Bali can indeed be said to have been preserved from generation to generation, not because of the many tourists who visit it, but indeed the commitment from residents of Bali will continue to maintain kebudayaanya so that it becomes the hallmark of Bali itself.

As the most famous sights in Indonesia, and has a resort that combined with the beauty of the breathtaking beaches, and sparkling nightlife, making the island of Bali as the world’s best tourist spots (World’s Best Island) Travel magazine version in 2009. And in 2010 was also awarded with the number two Best of Travel 2010 Leasure magazine version. The nickname of Bali itself, there are various types of who know Bali as the island of the gods, the island paradise and others describe him as an island of a thousand temples. The charm of the most extraordinary natural like a verdant rice field and provide a sense of peace and tranquility, towering volcanoes and looking closer and bigger, as well as the beauty of the beaches and an amazing stretch of sand make a distinctive yearning toward the left.

Besides Bali, also known by his art. A great many works of art produced from the hands of local citizens are of course very interesting and unique. Usually that works of art are on display in an art gallery that is found in the regions tourist attractions on the island of Bali. In addition to the works of art of Bali also save welth dance and dramatic, as well as rituals are very diverse. The culinary world is very diverse. So if you are vi
siting the island on this one, then you will find a wide variety of dishes typical dishes of Bali, Indonesian archipelago even foreign countries all in Bali. Most of the society Island embraced the belief or religion of Hinduism, and it could be said the Balinese very devout in religion. most of them are for his life in the traditional ceremony, which aims to maintain world peace. No wonder if the island keeps its uniqueness which makes a surprise to those of us who haven’t come to know Bali.

19. membuat deskripsi angka favorit dalam bahasa inggris

I like 8. Because ist like a circle

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