Contoh Surat Untuk Guru Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Surat Untuk Guru Dalam Bahasa Inggris

contoh surat untuk guru dalam bahasa inggris

1. contoh surat untuk guru dalam bahasa inggris

Berikut ini salah satu surat untuk guru dalam Bahasa Inggris :

2. contoh surat pribadi untuk guru dalam bahasa inggris

Appreciation Letter to Teacher from StudentJawaban

Terkadang ketika kita memiliki rasa kagum terhadap seorang guru kita ingin menunjukan rasa penghargaan dan apresiasi terhadap usaha beliau. Pada soal ini diminta untuk menuliskan surat pribadi kepada guru, sebagai contoh kali ini kakak akan menuliskan surat tentang rasa terimakasih terhadap ibu guru. Dimulai dari pembukaan yakni salam, lalu isi surat tuliskan apa yang ingin kalian katakan dan penutup. Jangan lupa berikan tanda tangan kalian juga.


                                                                                                          October 7th 2018

Dear Mrs. Paulsen,

I just wanted to take some time to express how much I enjoyed being in your class this year. I can’t think of a teacher who could have made this past year any more special than you did.

You truly are an extraordinary teacher because of your dedication to your students. Especially when teaching math, you always made me sure that I understood the material, since you knew it was my weakest subject. Without you, I never would have been able to pass the final exam the way I did. Being able to rely on you for extra help was really special to me and shows how much you care about the happiness and success of your students.

Thank you for a great school year and for always going extra mile as a teacher. I appreciate it mor
e than you will ever know.


Clara Andersen

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————————————Detil JawabanKelas : SMA XIMapel : Bahasa InggrisKategori : Writing, ExpressionKata kunci : Grateful, AppreciationKode: 11.5.2

3. contoh surat untuk guru yang sedang hamil dalam bahasa inggris

teacher hopefully a son amien

4. apa contoh surat undangan untuk hari guru dalam bahasa inggris

Dear Teacher,

Hello MS/MR.

We are welcoming you with an invitation. We hoped to see you there to MS/MR.We hoped you had a nice day.

Sign with a warm welcoming


Mohon maaf sekali yah kalau salah semoga aja kagak salah

Trims <3

5. contoh surat bahasa inggris memperkenalkan diri untuk sahabat pena /guru bahasa inggris beserta terjemahan bahasa indonesia

hi, my name is ni putu alya dewi suari. you can call me alya.I am from bali . I live in gianyar with my hobby is dancing . my favorite food is fried rice . my favorite subjects are english and math

hai, nama saya ni putu alya dewi suari.kamu bisa memanggil saya alya.saya berasal dari bali. saya tinggal di gianyar bersama keluarga saya.hobi saya adalah menari.makanan kesukaan saya adalah nasi goreng . pelajaran yang aku suka adalah bahasa inggris dan matematika

maaf kalo salah

6. contoh surat dari bahasa Inggris untuk guru atau teman singkat ​


From:(Nama mu)

I love you so much teacher/friend. I’m so happy with you! We go to story telling playing and reading comics or something book what i choose! Sometimes i miss you and calling you maybe is so annoying, sorry for that… But i still love you whatever you do. Beat me give me cheat or leave me in toilet alone, then is the end of the mail and thankyou so much teacher/friend (nama kamu) will miss you again!


Yaa gitu aja sii, iseng bngt mau jawab ini, semoga membantu ya kka

7. contoh surat email perkenalan diri dalam bahasa inggris , untuk diki ke guru

hello my name is …………
i’from indonesia
i’m 12 years old
my phone number is 1234567890
i’m live in makmur street
nice to meet you

8. Contoh surat perkenalan diri dalam bahasa inggris dengan guru apa? Penting nih untuk besok

Good morning Miss/Mrs/Mr. My name is (your name) I’m (your age) years old. I’m from (your grade). nice to meet you Miss/Mrs/Mr

9. sebutkan 2 contoh surat ajakan berliburan untuk guru BAHASA INGGRIS

dear miss, I would like to invite you to Bandung on 5th may to accompany me. we will have so much fun. you can bring anything you want. it’s free because I got a voucher. thankyou

10. contoh surat kritikan dan saran menggunakan bahasa inggris untuk guru bahasa inggris

ini contoh: the education of the student and the teacher was very impressive

11. berikan sebuah contoh surat singkat untuk guru dalam bahasa inggris ?

dear teacher
i am writing this letter to show my gratitude to you.
you have been so patient
you have been so sincere
and you have taught us with affection.

by writing this letter, let me pray may all your kindness be rewarded by ALLAH, may your patience be reimbursed by ALLAH and may your affection to us be blessed by ALLAH

thank you my dear teacher
you are always be the best teacher

12. Contoh Surat bahasa inggris ucapan selamat menikah untuk guru

hi mrs erika! congratulations with ur wedding! im very happy for knowing that u are have been married right now.

“wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness, your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow”

13. contoh surat pribadi untuk guru dalam bahasa inggris!

Dear Mr. John,

I am sorry that i could not attend your class today. I will have to take a 3 day absence from school, because i am currently sick and could not move out of my bed. My mom also prohibited me from doing any activities, whther it is about school work or general activities. She said that i should rest for 3 days from now.



14. Contoh surat undangan bahasa inggris untuk guru


Dear Ms. Rita Suherman S.Pd,

I know that I had a lot of mistake to you. I often made you upset or angry because I was hard to be controlled. But, deep down in my heart I am really happy to have a very good teacher like you. You are so patient when dealing with all of your students. Although your students are sometimes naughty, but you still trying to understand us.

Ms. Rita, thank you for anything you have done. Thank you for teaching me a lot of valuable knowledge. I would never forget anything you have taught me. Thank you for being such a great teacher. I hope you will always healthy and happy.

Your student,


Arti dalam Bahasa Indonesia:

Untuk Ms. Rita Suherman S.Pd,

Saya tahu bahwa saya punya banyak salah kepada ibu. Saya sering membuat ibu kecewa atau marah karena saya sulit atur. Tapi, jauh di dalam lubuk hati saya, saya sangat senang memiliki seorang guru yang sangat baik seperti ibu. Ibu sangat sabar menghadapi semua murid-murid ibu. Walaupun murid-murid ibu terkadang nakal, tapi ibu tetap berusaha untuk memahami kami.

Ibu Rita, terima kasih untuk semua yang telah ibu lakukan. Terima kasih telah mengajarkan saya banyak pengetahuan yang berharga. Saya tidak akan pernah melupakan semua yang telah ibu ajarkan. Terima kasih telah menjadi seorang guru yang sangat hebat. Saya harap ibu akan selalu sehat dan bahagia.

15. tolong buat contoh surat untuk guru tentang bahasa inggris dong

sauang alove you bodok l….m

16. Contoh surat peribadi untuk guru dalam bahasa Inggris?



Dear. Mr / Mrs Teacher who teaches in class XI

Yours faithfully,

By means of this letter, I inform that I have the following identity:

Name: Clara Alexander

Address: Simpang Empat

Class: XI IPA 2

Unable to attend class, starting from October 12, 2018 to October 15, 2018 due to participating in the Kindergarten Science Olympiad. Province in Medan. The letter of permissio
n from the Head of School is attached.

Thus, I inform you of this letter, I hope that the teacher who teaches in class XI can understand it.

Yours faithfully,

Clara Alexander

17. contoh surat bahasa inggris berisi pujian untuk guru

Dear, teacher..

Thanks a lot for you
You’re smart and you make me smart
Thanks for teaching me
You’re the best
I can keep dreaming because of you
I can be smart because of you
Thank you very much

your student

18. Contoh surat perkenalan diri untuk guru dalam bahasa Inggris


Asalamuallaikum Miss Ida,

Hello, Miss Ida! let me introduce myself. my name is Muhammad Hafis, Miss Ida can call me by the name Apis. I am about 168cm high (yes can be fairly high), my religion Islam, the color of my skin brown, my weight around 53kg.

I was in high school Bengkalis N1, arguably the coolest school full amenities and the coolest of the high school canteen which N1 is a lot, there are about 6 canteen. High School principal Bengkalis N1 is the father of Yahya Gulita.

I am the third child of three siblings (1 brother and 1 sister). My father worked as a laborer while my mother worked as a housewife. My sister is currently studying in Polytechnic Bengkalis, this year is the first semester. My sister graduated from high school Bengkalis N1.

I have a hobby of swimming, wrote in a blog (copy and paste), reading books on the occult (astral). things I do not like is memorizing formulas, math formulas or anything either physics, but no matter how I have to be this is a school demands.

The lesson that I like is ICT, but I in 2014 this is no lesson is that makes me so sad, for I quickly move on. I have a lot of dreams that I will reach out, one of which is the happy parents.

I have ideals, that I want to make a cool operating system.

up here first if there is a word that is not understood apologize, I hope Miss can reply to a letter from me soon.

19. Contoh surat invitation untuk guru.. dalam bahasa inggris.. Tolong dijawab plis…

For the teacher in *** Junior High School.

Please come to Teacher’s meeting.
Date    : Saturday,Dec 20th 2015
At        : Teacher’s room
Time    : 08.00 AM – 02.00PM


The Head Master teacher.

(Maaf kalau salah) the invitation
to board of the teachers

since we are going to welcome our new principal MR HENRY, we would like to invite board of the teachers to gather at our school hall which will be held, as follows

day: friday
date: august 15th, 2015
time: 1 o’clock (right after school)
venue: school hall

the teachers must attend the meeting as we are going to discuss preparation of welcoming our new principal

thank you for your attention and see you there
best regards
mrs. betty
the admission front desk

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