Contoh Paragraf Simple Past Tense Tentang Liburan Di Rumah

Contoh Paragraf Simple Past Tense Tentang Liburan Di Rumah

contoh paragraf simple past tense tema liburan

1. contoh paragraf simple past tense tema liburan

Last month i went to Sydney for 7 days. It was an amazing moment. I went to Opera House, Hunter Valley, and Sydney Zoo. My favorite place to visit was Opera House. Why? Because it has the best view in there you’ll saw many birds and beautiful garden beside the Opera House. And it was an unforgattable moment.I went to Jakarta last holiday

2. contoh paragraf simple past tense tema liburan

Last year ago,i and my family went to Bali.
The sky in bali is so cool,
we went to the beach and get the swimming in there!
That was a great holiday

Note : smoga membantu

3. Contoh paragraf tentang liburan menggunakan simple past tense


During my last holiday, I made a lot of handcrafts. At that time, I was crazy about art and creativity. Many ideas had come to my mind three months before. All of the ideas were written on my note book so I could read them again. Also, I searched other ideas from internet. Yap, I googled it. I watched tutorial videos and read many art blogs.

My parents helped me to prepare the materials. They also gave me money to buy things I needed. On the first day, I painted on some rocks. People call it rock art. It was so fun. My siblings joined me on the third day. Then, my siblings and I made paper crafts from used newspapers and magazines. Papers were rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs. Many beautiful crafts were created.

The last activity was sewing. My mother is a tailor so I learn how to sew from her. My mother helped me too. Sewing used clothes and towels was very fun. We produced many useful things. Finally, I really enjoyed my last



Selama liburan yang lalu, saya membuat banyak kerajinan tangan. Saat itu, saya tergila-gila dengan seni dan kreativitas. Banyak ide muncul di benak saya tiga bulan sebelumnya. Semua ide itu ditulis dalam buku catatan sehingga saya bisa membacanya lagi. Selain itu, saya mencari ide lain dari internet. Yap, saya menggunakan google. Saya menonton video tutorial dan membaca banyak blog tentang seni.

Ayah-ibu membantu saya menyiapkan materi. Mereka juga memberi saya uang untuk membeli barang-barang yang saya butuhkan. Pada hari pertama, saya melukis pada beberapa batu. Orang menyebutnya seni batu. Kegiatan itu sangat menyenangkan. Saudara-saudara saya bergabung pada hari ketiga. Kemudian, kami membuat kerajinan kertas dari koran bekas dan majalah. Kertas-kertas itu digulung, dibentuk dan direkatkan untuk membuat desain yang cantik. Banyak kerajinan indah diciptakan.

Kegiatan terakhir adalah menjahit. Ibu saya adalah penjahit jadi saya belajar menjahit darinya. Ibu juga membantu saya. Menjahit pakaian bekas dan handuk sangat menyenangkan. Kami menghasilkan banyak barang bermanfaat. Akhirnya, saya sangat menikmati liburan lalu.

4. contoh paragraf tentang liburan natal menggunakan simple past tense?

(+) I want to Japan this Christmas holiday
(-) I do not want to Japan this Christmas holiday
(?) Am I going to Japan this Christmas holiday
last christmas me and my family went to my grandma’s house. we made and ate some cookies. i also got new phone for my christmas gift. we all thanked that we can gathered together last christmas.

5. Contoh paragraf simple past tense cerita diri sendiri selama belajar dirumah


paragraf 1

belajar dirumah

paragraf 2

tidak boleh keluar rumah

paragraf 3

mencuci tangan sebelum dan sesudah


belajar dirumah

cegah bersalaman dengan orang lain

selalu cuci tangan

semprot cairan antisifektan di rumah di benda yang sering kita gunakan

dan diam dirumah hingga virus corona mereda


semiga bermanfaat

6. buatlah cerita liburan kemarin dirumah menggunakan simple past tense​


Yesterday me and my family play soccer on home

7. contoh paragraf liburan simple past ​


aku pergi liburan ke pantai bersama orang tuaku disitu banyak orang yg jualan aku pun bermain pantai setelah itu pulang nya aku membeli sanwich

8. contoh paragraf simple past tense

I came to this town 20 years ago. Its’ condition was very much different from today’s condition. It was not only quiet but also (as many people said) a bit 
scary. There were only a few houses in this neighborhood. My family was one of them. There were only 5 or 6 children at my age. So (as you may imagine) in the late afternoons in the twilight, it came to be so so quiet. We just stayed home till morning. That’s why, we, my friends and I, were almost always together. We were just like a family.

9. buatlah cerita tentang hari libur di rumah menggunakan simple past tense

The boring vacation 

  On my last holiday I spent my holiday in the house. I just did what could I do. I didn’t go to anywhere because there wasn’t a friend. I was very sad. All of my friend spent the holiday in their hometown. In the home I only watched TV, ate some food, and played laptop. Beside that, I did weird thing like sleeping at 10 am. I was bored all the time.

My last day of holiday, my friend came to my house. I was very happy because I didn’t bored again. She invited me to visit my other friend’s house.

10. Cerita liburan dirumah menggunakan simple past tense dan artinya minimal 2 paragraf

my holiday

last summer was my holiday. it’s a great holiday for me. i went to bali with my friends. i stayed there for 1 week. we spent our time to have fun all day long. 
the first day, we went to sanur beach. we met many tourism. i became a guide tour because i’m well in english. then we walk around sanur beach. in the night, we had a berbeque party. we met some friends from bali. and they followed the party. i was so happy. i think this is the best holiday. i hope next holiday is more fun for me

artinya cari di google aja ya. capek ngetik. hehe

11. Contoh paragraf yang menggunakan simple past tense dengan simple presen tense

Simple past tense = He wrote a letter, I went to school
Simple present tense = She goes to school, He plays football in garden

Semoga membantuAnswer:
Last month I went to the zoo with my family. I was so glad that I could see and recognize different types of animals from different areas. I did not forget to take some photos as a souvenir. Today I am very happy when I see some photos , I show it to my friends in the school.


12. 5 kalimat simple past tense tentang liburan tapi liburan nya di rumah

1.(+) Ryan went to Cianjur and visited his granddad on last vacation.

Ryan pergi ke Cianjur dan mengunjungi kakeknya pada liburan terakhir.

(-) Ryan did not go to Cianjur and visit his granddad on last vacation.

Ryan tidak pergi ke Cianjur dan mengunjungi kakeknya pada liburan terakhir.

(?) Did Ryan went to Cianjur and visited his granddad  on last vacation?

Apakah Ryan pergi ke Cianjur dan mengunjungi kakeknya pada liburan terakhir?

2. (+) Anthony went to the zoo and saw his favorite animals, lion and giraffe.

Anthony pergi ke kebun binatang dan melihat binatang kesukaannya yaitu singa dan jerapah.

(-) Anthony did not go to the zoo and see his favorite animals, lion and giraffe.

Anthony tidak pergi ke kebun binatang dan melihat binatang kesukaannya yaitu singa dan jerapah.

(?) Did Anthony went to the zoo and saw his favorite animals, lion and giraffe?

Apakah Anthony pergi ke kebun binatang dan melihat binatang kesukaannya yaitu singa dan jerapah?

3. (+) Susan spent her vacation in the house and helped her mom.

Susan menghabiskan masa liburannya di rumah dan membantu ibunya.

(-) Susan did not spend her vacation in the house and helped her mom.

Susan tidak menghabiskan masa liburannya di rumah dan membantu ibunya. 

?) Did Susan spent her vacation in the house and helped her mom?

Apakah Susan menghabiskan masa liburannya di rumah dan membantu ibunya?

4. (+) Boy scouts camped during the holidays.

Anak-anak pramuka berkemping selama liburan.

(-) Boy scouts did not camp during the holidays.

Anak-anak pramuka tidak berkemping selama liburan.

(?) Did Boy scouts camped during the holidays?

Apakah anak-anak pramuka berkemping selama liburan?

5. (+) Mother and sister shopped for new clothes a week ago.

Ibu dan kakak berbelanja
pakaian baru satu minggu yang lalu.

(-) Mother and sister did not shop for new clothes a week ago.

Ibu dan kakak tidak berbelanja pakaian baru satu minggu yang lalu.

(?) Did mother and sister shopped for new clothes a week ago?

Apakah ibu dan kakak berbelanja pakaian baru satu minggu yang lalu?

13. contoh liburan dalam simple past tense

Last year, me and my family went to Bali. In Bali, there are many various attractions and many delicious foods such as babi guling, ikan bakar bali jimbaran and many more. On the first day, we went to Bali Jimbaran and ate many delicious seafoods by seeing ocean view. On the next day, we went to nusa dua and had fun in various malls. On the third day, we visited the pura and took many pictures there. On the fourth day, we went to GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) and also Kuta beach. On the last day, we went to kintamani secret garden at the morning and rushed to the airport. It was an amazing experience for me and I wish my parents could bring me there again.


14. contoh paragraf simple present tense tentang liburan di rumah artinya


I have a puppy, it’s name is Lana. I usually called her Ana. She’s so cute. That puppy was a gift from Santa last year.

But whatever I am so happy that I got a new puppy!

15. cerita liburan di rumah menggunakan bhs inggris simple past tense 3 paragraf

On the last school holiday, I stayed at home with my family. I woke up at 6 o’clock and took a bath. Then I watched my favorite cartoon show on Disney Channel. I had breakfast together with my family.

In the afternoon, I took time to nap. I played game with my little brother. We also took lunch together. I also took afternoon bath.

I had dinner together and watched TV in the living room with my family at the evening. I also studied even during holiday. On the weekend, my family parents brought me and my little brother to the mall and arcade. We had fun together. My holiday was amazing even I didn’t go anywhere.

16. contoh recount teks tentang liburan yang menggunakan simple past tense dan simple present

Last Saturday night, I went to Bali. I did many things there. I also met my friend, Yuna. She was staying there until next week. I went home on Saturday. I am now here, in Jakarta, my hometown.

Maaf kalo ada yang salah ya

17. contoh cerita liburan menggunakan simple past tense

2 Months ago my family and I go to the beach. I and my cousin ride the horse. We swim in the sea. My mom and I ealk around the beach for buy jewelery and traditional food. The beach is very crowded. Many people spend their time for play sand and take a pitcure. Children usually play a kite. And the best moment is when te storm go out.

18. contoh liburan di rumah bahasa inggris menggunakan simple past tense


Berikut ini adalah contoh cerita singkat liburan dalam Bahasa Inggris dan artinya


At The Seaside

Last year, Mr dan Mrs. Jones and their family went to the seaside for their summer holidays. They left the city very early in the morning on the 31st of July. The weather was not very fine and they wore their overcoats because they felt cold. At 10 o’clock, the sun began to shine, and two hours later, when I met them at the station the sun was shining brightly. They took off their overcoats and we all went to the same restaurant where we sat down to a good lunch. We ate fish and some very good mutton, and drank two bottles of excellent wine.

After lunch, we went to the sea, which my little girl Betty saw for the first time. We lay in the sun for two hours and then we went into the water which was very warm. When we came out of the water, the sun burnt us, so we sat down in the shade of some rocks. Mr. Jones lit a cigarette and I read the newspaper.

Then we all went back to our hotel. Mrs. Jones wrote a few letters and postcards, whilst Mr. Jones and I played a game of billiards.

After dinner, we went out and saw the sun set in a bright red sky. Then we went to bed, and slept very well.

The next morning, I awoke late, got up and had breakfast. My little girl wanted to fo into the sea again, but the wind blew so hard that it was not possible to bathe. We went out, however, and stood and looked at the sea for some time. It was very beautiful. I told Betty to hold her hat, but she held it only for a minute or two and then let it go. The wind blew it off, and away it went. A small boy brought it back to us and I have him 5 p

That was not all. When we were going back to the hotel. Betty fell down, tore her dress and cut her hand. The day began badly for her.

In the afternoon, the wind stopped and we went on the pier where we heeard a very good concert.

I met some friends and asked them to come with us for a walk along the cliffs. We went for a long walk which the children enjoyed very much. The end of the day was better than the beginning.

Di pesisir pantai

Tahun lalu, Bapak dan Ibu Jones dan keluarga mereka pergi ke pantai untuk liburan musim panas mereka. Mereka meninggalkan kota pagi – pagi sekali pada tanggal 31 Juli. Cuacanya tidak terlalu baik dan mereka mengenakan mantel karena merasa dingin. Pada jam 10 siang, matahari mulai bersinar, dan dua jam kemudian, ketika saya bertemu mereka di stasiun, matahari bersinar terang. Mereka melepas mantel mereka dan kami semua pergi ke restoran yang sama di mana kami duduk untuk makan siang yang enak. Kami makan ikan dan daging kambing yang sangat lezat, dan minum dua botol anggur yang sangat segar.

Setelah makan siang, kami pergi ke laut, yang pertama kali dilihat gadis kecilku Betty. Kami berbaring di bawah sinar matahari selama dua jam dan kemudian kami pergi ke air yang sangat hangat. Ketika kami keluar dari air, matahari membakar kami, jadi kami duduk di bawah naungan beberapa batu. Tuan Jones menyalakan sebatang rokok dan saya membaca koran.

Kemudian kami semua kembali ke hotel. Ny. Jones menulis beberapa surat dan kartu pos, sementara Tuan Jones dan saya memainkan permainan biliar.

Setelah makan malam, kami keluar dan melihat matahari terbenam di langit merah yang cerah. Kemudian kami pergi ke kasur, dan tidur nyenyak.

Pagi berikutnya, saya bangun terlambat, bangun dan sarapan. Gadis kecil saya ingin pergi ke laut lagi, tetapi angin bertiup kencang sehingga tidak mungkin untuk mandi. Namun, kami keluar dan berdiri dan memandangi laut selama beberapa waktu. Itu sangat indah. Saya mengatakan kepada Betty untuk memegang topinya, tetapi dia memegangnya hanya satu atau dua menit dan kemudian melepaskannya. Angin meniupnya, dan pergi. Seorang anak lelaki kecil membawanya kembali kepada kami dan saya memilikinya 5 pondsterling

Bukan itu saja. Ketika kami akan kembali ke hotel. Betty jatuh, merobek gaunnya dan mematahkan tangannya. Hari itu mulai buruk baginya.

Di sore hari, angin berhenti dan kami pergi ke dermaga di mana kami mendengar konser yang sangat bagus.

Saya bertemu dengan beberapa teman dan meminta mereka untuk ikut berjalan – jalan di sepanjang tebing. Kami pergi berjalan – jalan yang sangat dinikmati anak – anak. Akhir dari hari itu lebih baik dari pada awalnya.


Detail Jawaban

Kelas         : 7

Mapel        : Bah
asa Inggris

Bab            : Reading And Conversation

Kode          : 7.5.4

Kata Kunci : Short story, Beach, Seaside

19. contoh paragraf simple past tense

Last morning, i woke up late and i had to go to school.When i wanted to take my bicycle, in fact i couldn’t move it because there were some motorcycles that blocked up my bicycle. i tried to move all of the motorcycles, so that my bicycle could move from the garage. But i couldn’t do it.Then, i called my brother who had that motorcycle which blocked it up. After that, my brother who had that motorcycle helped me. Finally, i could move my bicycle and rode it to go to school

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