Contoh Dialog Asking And Giving Suggestion 2 Orang

Contoh Dialog Asking And Giving Suggestion 2 Orang

contoh dialog asking and giving suggestion

1. contoh dialog asking and giving suggestion

Richie: Anna, what should we do tonight?

Anna: Hmmm, I think we can go to watch a new movie in studio XXI or maybe we can go to Gramedia book store because there’s a book sale there.

Richie: Well, how about we go to Gramedia book store?

Anna: Sounds interesting.

Richie: Okay. I’ll pick you up at 6pm. See you, Anna.

Anna: See you, Richie.

2. 5 Contoh dialog asking and giving suggestion

Asking and giving suggestion adalah ekspresi yang digunakan untuk menanyakan dan memberikan saran.

Ekspresi yang digunakan untuk menanyakan saran dan memberikan saran (asking and giving suggestion) yaitu

Let’s …Why don’t we …?We could …What about …?How about …?I suggest that …You might want to …I think …I don’t think …Pembahasan

Contoh dialog asking and giving suggestion yaitu

Dialog 1

A: Your face looks so pale. What is going on?

B: I have a toothache.

A; Let’s go to the dentist. You really need it. (Giving suggestion)

B: Okay. I will.

Dialog 2

A: Do you have an English dictionary?

B: No, I don’t. Do you need it?

A; Yes. My dictionary lost yesterday.

B: I suggest that to borrow at the library. (giving suggestion)

A: Yeah. That’s a good idea.

Dialog 3

A: Would you like to go to my friend’s birthday?

B: I would love to, but I have to go with my mother at six o’clock.

A: How about at eight o’clock? (asking for suggestion)

B: Great! But you must pick me up.

: Okay. See you

Dialog 4

A: Your bags look so heavy. Would you like any help?

B: Yes, please. Do you think I need a cart to bring my bags? (asking for suggestion)

A: I don’t think so. We can bring it to your room without a cart. (giving suggestion)

B: Okay. Thank you for help.

Dialog 5

A: Let’s go to cinema. (giving suggestion)

B: I’m sorry. I must do my homework.

A: How about order food by online? (asking for suggestion)

B: It sounds good.

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Detail Jawaban

Kelas: XI

Mapel: Bahasa Inggris

Bab: Offers and Suggestions (Chapter 1)

Kode: 11.5.1


3. contoh dialog asking and giving suggestion panjang

Sandy : Hi, how do you do? (Hai, salam kenal).

Ben : Hi, how do you do? (Hai, salam kenal).

Sandy : May I sit here with you? (Bolehkah saya duduk disini denganmu?).

Ben : Yes, sure. Please have a sit. (Ya, tentu. Silahkan duduk).

Sandy : We are in the same class but we have not known each other yet. So, what is your name? (Kita berada di kelas yang sama tetapi kita belum tahu satu sama lain. Jadi, siapa namamu?).

Ben : Yeah you are right. My name is Ben Johnson. What is your name? (Ya kamu benar. Namaku Ben Johnson. Siapa namamu?).

Sandy : My name is Sandy Ardian. Whatcan I call you? (Nama saya Sandy Ardian. Siapa nama panggilanmu?).

Ben : You can call me Ben. What about you? (Kamu bisa memanggilku Ben. Bagaimana denganmu?).

Sandy : Just call me Sandy. Where are you from Ben? (Panggil saja Sandy. Darimana asalmu Ben?).

Ben : I am from Texas, America. I live in Canggu. And where are you from? (Saya dari Texas, Amerika. Saya tinggal di Canggu. Darimana asalmu?).

Sandy : I am from Jakarta and I live in Denpasar with my family. I think there are a lot of beautiful beaches around Canggu. (Saya dari Jakarta dan tinggal di Denpasar dengan keluarga saya. Saya rasa ada banyak pantai-pantai indah di sekitaran Canggu).

Ben : Yes, there are and I like going to beach. (Ya, memang dan saya suka pergi ke pantai).

Sandy : Really? When do you usually go to beach? (Benarkah? Kapan biasanya kamu pergi ke pantai).

Ben : I usually go to beach every evening, Sandy. (Saya biasanya pergi ke pantai setiap sore Sandy).

Sandy : Whom do you like to go with? (Dengan siapa kamu suka pergi ke pantai?).

Ben : I like to go with my friends.  (Saya suka ke pantai dengan teman-teman)

Sandy : Oh, I see. Which beaches do you prefer to go to, Ben? (Oh, begitu. Pantai mana yang kamu lebih pilih untuk datangi, Ben?).

Ben : Batu Bolong beach is my favorite, Sandy. (Pantai Batu Bolong adalah favoritku, Sandy).

Sandy : Why do you like to go there? Is there anything special? (Mengapa kamu suka pergi kesana? Apakah ada sesuatu yang spesial disana?).

Ben : Yeah. Because it is not too far from my house and also I like the calm waves so I can swim safely. (Ya. Karena itu tidak terlalu jauh dari rumahku dan juga saya suka ombaknya yang tenang jadi saya bisa berenang dengan aman).

Sandy : Oh, that’s nice. How far is it? (Oh, itu bagus. Seberapa jauhkah pantai itu?).

Ben : Only 200 meters from my house. Anyway, do you have free time this Sunday? Let’s go to Batu Bolong beach togerher Sandy. (Hanya 200 meter dari rumahku. Ngomong-ngomong, apakah kamu memiliki waktu luang Minggu ini? Ayo kita ke pantai Batu Bolong bersama-sama Sandy).

Sandy : Yeah I’m free Ben. It will be fun. (Ya saya tidak sibuk Ben. Itu akan menyenangkan).

Ben : Alright Sandy. (Baik Sandy).

4. contoh dialog asking and giving suggestion 100 kata

u can find in the encharted fish story

5. Contoh dialog 2 orang asking and giving opinion

1. Dialog Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang Asking And Giving Opinion Tentang Merokok

A:  What’s your opinion of smoking?

B:  I’m not sure. For me, it’s important that children do not smoke.

A:  But do you think it’s a good idea that people can smoke in shops and buses?

B:  I don’t think so. Children use buses too.

A:  So what do you think about stopping smoking everywhere in Jakarta?

B:  I think that’s a good idea.


A: Apa pendapat mu tentang merokok?

B: Saya tidak begitu tahu. Bagi saya ini penting bahwa anak-anak itu tidak merokok.

A: Tapi apakah kamu pikir itu adalah hal yang baik bahwa orang dapat merokok di toko-toko dan bus?

B: Saya kira tidak seharusnya. Anak-anak juga menggunakan bus.

A: Jadi apa yang kamu pikirkan tentang larangan merokok dimanapun di Jakarta ini?

B: Kupikir itu ide yang bagus..

6. dialog asking ang giving suggestion 2 orang singkat

Bejo: “hi, tarjo. you look so sad. what happen?”
Tarjo: “hi bejo. i’m so sad. because i got bad score in math test”
Bejo: “don’t be sad, i suggest you to study hard for better score next time”
Tarjo: “Thanks Bejo!”

jadiin jawaban terbaik ya

7. Buatlah dialog tentang Asking Suggestion, Giving suggestion, aceepting suggestion and rejecting suggestion.


Ani: I think I need to improve my Mathematics skill. Do you have any suggestion?

Budi: I think you can take a Math course. Kumon is the best one, I heard.

Ani: But I’m not sure I can take that course. Kumon is really far from my home.

Budi: Do you want to try an online course?

Ani: Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. Thank you so much.


Yang dicetak tebal pada dialog diatas menandakan bahwa asking suggestion, giving suggestion, accepting suggestion and rejecting suggestion. Berikut adalah arti dari dialog diatas:

Ani: Aku pikir aku perlu meningkatkan skill Matematika ku. Apakah kamu punya saran?

Budi: Aku pikir kamu bisa mengambil kursus Matematika. Kumon adalah yang terbaik, saya dengar.

Ani: Tapi aku tidak yakin aku bisa mengambil kursus itu. Kumon benar-benar jauh dari rumahku.

Budi: Apakah kamu ingin mencoba kursus online?

Ani: Ya, aku pikir itu ide yang bagus. Terima kasih banyak.

Pelajari lebih lanjut:

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8. dialog asking dan giving suggestion yg dimain kan 3 orang 15 dialog

Henry: Hi Tina, why are you so sad?
Tina: I broke my mom’s phone last night. I haven’t told her about it yet. What should I do?
Henry: You should try to fix the phone first. Do you know Jeremy? He is good at fixing things. Why don’t you ask for his help?
Tina: That sounds good!. Thanks for your suggestion Henry!

Tina: Hi Jeremy! I heard from Henry that you are good at fixing things. Do you mind fixing this phone for me?
Jeremy: I don’t mind at all. Let me see the phone.
Tina: here you go (gives the phone to Jeremy)
Jeremy: (checking the phone).. Ok…I know what’s wrong with this phone. The motherboard is broken and you need to get it replaced.
Tina: Is it easy to find a replacement?
Jeremy: Yes, but it will be expensive. It will cost you 2000000 rupiah.
Tina: oh no that’s expensive! I can’t afford that! what should I do?
Jeremy: I would suggest you to buy a new and cheaper phone instead. If you don’t have enough money, you can also try to find a part time job.
Tina: but I need to replace the phone now. Otherwise my mom will kill me.
Jeremy: In that case, why don’t you confess now to your mom. You can promise her that you will replace the phone eventually.
Tina: I guess so, I have no other options, Haven’t I?

9. Dialog asking and giving suggestion pasien dan dokter

Doctor: Hello, have a seat. (Halo, silakan duduk).

Patient: Thank you (terima kasih).

Doctor: So what seems to be the problem? (Jadi apa keluhan Anda?).

Patient: Lately, I feel nauseous, especially at night and around the afternoon. Sometimes, I also vomit. My stomach also feels bloated (Akhir-akhir ini, saya merasa mual, terutama saat malam dan sekitar siang hari. Kadang-kadang, saya juga mintah. Perut saya juga terasa kembung).

Doctor: Do you feel pain in the stomach? (Apakah Anda merasa sakit di perut?).

Patient: Sometimes (kadang-kadang).

Doctor: How long have you had these symptoms? (Sudah berapa lama Anda memiliki gejala-gejala ini?).

Patient: About a week, and they are very annoying (Sekitar seminggu, dan mereka sangat mengganggu).

Doctor: Do you have ulcer before? (Apakah Anda punya maag sebelumnya?).

Patient: No (Tidak).

Doctor: Do you drink coffee? Eat spicy foods? (Apakah Anda minum kopi? Makan makanan pedas?).

Patient: I drink coffee every morning, and I like spicy foods (Saya minum kopi setiap pagi, dan saya suka makanan pedas).

Doctor: I think you have ulcer symptoms. I will prescribe you some medications, and you must stop coffee and spicy foods for a while (Saya pikir Anda punya gejala maag. Saya akan resepkan beberapa obat, dan Anda harus menghentikan kopi dan makanan pedas untuk sementara).

Patient: Can I still drink tea? (Bisakah saya minum teh?).

Doctor: Yes, you can drink green tea, milk, and fresh juice. Cut down coffee, soda, and alcohol. Water is the best drink, of course (Ya, Anda bisa minum teh hijau, susu, dan jus segar. Kurangi kopi, soda dan alkohol. Air putih adalah minuman terbaik, tentu saja).

Patient: Okay, thank you (Baiklah, terima kasih).

Kosakata penting: symptom (gejala), pain (rasa sakit), prescribe (meresepkan), for a while(untuk sementara).

Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris dengan Dokter 2

Berikut ini adalah contoh yang lebih spesifik, yaitu percakapan antara pasien kecelakaan yang dirawat di rumah sakit dengan dokter yang merawatnya:

Doctor: Hello, how are you today? (Halo, bagaimana kabar Anda hari ini?)

Patient: I feel better than yesterday (Saya merasa lebih baik daripada kemarin)

Doctor: Do you still feel pain? (Apakah Anda masih merasa sakit?)

Patient: Yes, my head still hurts a little bit, and I have headache. But my leg is better (Ya, kepala saya masih sakit sedikit, dan saya sakit kepala. Tapi kaki saya lebih baik)

Doctor: What about your eyes? Can you see clearly? (Bagaimana dengan mata Anda? Apakah Anda bisa melihat dengan jelas?)

Patient: My eyes were a little bit blurry yesterday, but they are fine now (Mata saya sedikit kabur kemarin, tetapi baik-baik saja hari ini).

Doctor: Good, I will give you painkiller later. I will check on you again (Bagus, saya akan memberi Anda obat penghilang rasa sakit. Saya akan memeriksa Anda lagi nanti)

Kosakata penting: blurry (kabur, tidak jelas), painkiller (obat penghilang rasa sakit)



10. dialog asking and giving suggestion,1 dialog harus ada min: 3 asking and giving suggestion dan mudah dihafalkan thanks


Asking suggestion is a type of expression which is used when someone asks for an advice or recommendation from another person.
Here are some expressions that you can use to ask for a suggestion:
– Could you give me an advice?
– What should …?
– Any idea?
– Do you have any suggestions?
– What do you recommend …?

Giving suggestion is a type of expression which is used when you want to give an advice or recommendation for someone.
Here are some expressions that you can use:
– You should …
– You ought to …
– It’s better for you to …
– I suggest you …
– I advise you to …

Here’s the example dialogue of asking and giving suggestion:

*On the phone*
A: Hello?
B: Hello, A. I need your help.
A: Oh? What can I help you?
B: I’m going to attend my crush’s birthday party on Wednesday. I don’t know what I should give him as a present. Do you have any suggestions?
A: Hmm, You should buy what he needs or what he likes. Do you know what he needs or what he likes?
B: Oh, he ever said to his friends that he needed to buy a watch because his watch was broken.
A: Good, then you can buy him a watch.
B: But, what kind of watch should I buy?
A: I suggest you buy an analog watch. It looks classy and luxurious. Many men like it.
B: Alright. Oh, how about my appearance? What should I wear?
A: You should wear a dress and high heels. I think it will make you look perfect.
B: Okay. Could you come to my house on Wednesday to help me dress up?
A: Alright. I will help you.
B: Thank you. You’re my best friend!
A: Don’t mention it hahaha

In addition, you can see other example dialogues of asking and giving suggestion in the links below:

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11. Contoh dialog asking and giving suggestion doctor and patient

Patient: can u help me? What should i do?
Doctor: u should take a rest for a week

12. buatlah dialog tentang asking and giving suggestion di gabung dalam satu dialog​


A : “how do you think about my new shoes?”

B : “it look so cute with you!”

A : “aw thank you”

B : “sure”

semoga membantu:))

13. dialog conversation asking and giving suggestion

giving suggestion banyak macamnya :
– you should…..
-you ought to…
-you must….
-you had better…..
-i suggest that you…
-i think you should
ex: you had better wear the shirt that you wore to the party last looks good
on you 

Ex for giving an offer 
A: this gado-gado is delicious,why don’t you try some
B: No, thank you ,i’m full let’s ask the menu
A: what?no dessert? this place is famous for it’s traditional about stay and have some dessert?
A: that’s sounds great!

14. buat dialog. asking and giving suggestion​


Dialog :

Rina: Have you checked the update from Mr. Dennis?

Lara: No, I haven’t. I feel under the weather. What’s new?

Rina: It’s about a new task. Ouch, try to drink more water then take a rest. I hope you’ll be better soon.

Lara: Yeah, sure. Thank you so much.


Rina: Apakah kamu sudah cek update dari Pak Dennis?

Lara: Tidak, belum. Saya merasa tidak enak badan. Apa ada yang baru?

Rina: Ini tentang tugas baru. Aduh, coba minum lebih banyak air lalu istirahat. Saya harap kamu baikan segera.

Lara: Ya, tentu. Terima kasih banyak.

Semoga Membantu, Thank you

15. Dialog 2 orang tentang asking & giving suggestion

nina : my parents is in Jakarta now. I have to babysit my little sister. while I have to join drawing competition. what’s your advice
Neni : try to contact your aunt. her house is near you right? may be she will help you to babysit your little sister

16. buatkan dialog yang mengandung ekspresi / ungkapan dari asking suggestion and giving suggestion! ​


Nina : Hey, Charles. I have a questions for you!

Charles : What’s that?

Nina : Give me suggestion about my hair.

Charles : maybe you can cut and make wavy hair, so you look so more beautiful.

Nina : Okay, thank you Charles.

Charles : don’t mention it.


I hope this can help you.

17. Buat sebuah contoh dialog singkat menggunakan ungkapan-ungkapan asking for suggestion, giving suggestion, accepting suggestion and refusing suggestion.​


A. Haii B . How are you?

B. Haii A . I am not good, thank you and you ?

A. What happend? Please tell me .

B. I broke the picture in the living room . My mom like that picture . Please tell me what to do.

A. I would like to suggest you that you should tell your mom right now .

B. I can’t do that. I am afraid my mom angry with me . How about other suggestions?

A. Try to tell your mom that you broke the picture and say sorry to her. I believe that your mom will understand .

B. I’ll try. Thank you.

A. Youre welcome, B

18. Expresion asking suggestion , giving suggestion dan contoh dialog dari masing masing


Expresion asking suggestion =ekspresi meminta saran(minta saran)

giving suggestion=memberi saran



Expresion asking suggestion=do you think i look beautiful in a red dress?

giving suggestion=no, you better wear a purple dress

thanks semoga membantu

jadikan jawaban terbaik

#bahasa inggris


#kelas 8

19. Dialog tentang asking and giving suggestion

A : why do you look so sad?
B : i have a problem?
A : what your problem?
B : my boyfriend has another girl
A : i suggest you to move on from him
B : thank you
A : youre welcome

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