Cerita Pendek Tentang My Best Friend Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Pendek Tentang My Best Friend Dalam Bahasa Inggris

mengarang tentang my best friend dalam bahasa inggris

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1. mengarang tentang my best friend dalam bahasa inggris

my friend you is the best
you is good
l love you my friendDear Rosiana
I hope you are in the best health and spirits. I am doing fine here. It has been a while since we met or wrote letters to each other. So I thought of writing a few lines to check your condition.
I just got back from my vacation to Riau and had a superb time. I went to Bono River and Jemur island. It was amazing places. If you want to visit this beautiful province do let me know and I will give you tips on sight seeing, transportation, shopping, etc.
I want to say something that is making me worried these days. My mother has been sick and I am really worried her. Sometimes, I have bad dreams about her and my brother wake me up in the middle of the night. I am sure you know what bad dreams I am talking about. Please don’t tell anybody about this and I know you can be trusted
Anyways, how is your school? I heard you got the first place in debate competition in Jakarta. Congratulation for this achievement. You must promise to teach me about English debate for our next meeting. I really want to learn about that.
Don’t forget to say to your parents that I love them. I always want to see them personally
Please stay in
touch and do write
Your Friend
Juliana Parker

2. carilah cerita tentang my best friend dlam bahasa inggris dan buat 5 pertanyaannya mengenai cerita tersubut!! mohon dibantu yah!!

i have a bestfriend named (nama org), she is now (umur temen) years old and lives in (nama kota). We met when we enter primary school at (nama sekolah). We always share our secrets and support each other. When we have free time, we like to play video games, play tag, sharing stories, and many more. The reason (nama org) becomes my best friend is because she is kind, cheerful, and always support me. We are still best friends until now.

1. who is my bestfriend’s name?
2. where is my bestfriend now?
3. where did we meet for the first time?
4. what do we do when we have free times?
5. why does she becomes my bestfriend?

semoga membantu 🙂

3. carilah cerita tentang my best friend dlam bahasa inggris dan buat 5 pertanyaannya mengenai cerita tersubut!! mohon dibantu yah!!

i have a best friend .she is a girl.her name is nissa.she is 12 years old.she go to madrasah school.she go to school on foot .i like her because of her kindness and faithfulness.

1.what is your best friend’s name?
2.how old is she?
3.where does she go to school?
4.how does she go to school?
5.why do you like her?

4. translite arti bhs inggris teks my best friend kelas 10

translate to ingglis teks my best friend ten grade

5. She is my best friend bahasa indonesianya


Dia adalah sahabat saya.

6. Jawaban bahasa Inggris tentang my very best friends


arti dari my very best friends adalah sahabat terbaikku

7. tolong dibantu ya, saya sedang melaksanakan ujian praktek bahasa inggris disuruh buat tentang descibing My best friend, bantu jawab ya

*ini cuman contoh y, kl mau diganti gapapa*
“I have a best friend”
My best friend is a girl…… Her name is Isabble. She is awesome. She can do anything herself. She helps me to do my homework, she mops the floor by herself, and she always accompany me watching movies! I’m proud being her best friend.

8. apa artinya you are my best friendboleh terjemahan bahasa Indonesia??​


kamu adalah teman terbaikku


kan bisa pakai google translate -_-

9. She is my best friend bahasa indonesianya

Dia ( perempuan ) adalah sahabatku.

semoga membantu, maaf jika salah

10. Arrange these jumbled words into good oder.Smoking,friend,best,my,during,the,saw,break,time terjemahkan ke dalam bahasa inggris


Smoking= Merokok

Friend= Teman

Best= Terbaik

My= Saya

During= Selama

The= Si/(menunjukkan kata benda)

Saw= Melihat

Break= Patah/Hancur

Time= Waktu

Semoga Membantu!

11. Bahasa inggris “Youre my best Friend” tolong dijawab yaa


Kamu adalah teman terbaik ku.


kamu adalah teman baikku

12. bahasa indonesianya MY BEST FRIEND

MY  BETS FRIEND adalah teman baikku?sahabat
teman yang paling baik

13. Apa bahasa Indonesia nya arga is my best friend know.


arga adalah sahabatku tahu

14. Artikan!!! 1.to you be my friend? 2.you are the best my friend 3.no me no good 4.aku senang bermain denganmu! Artikan bahasa inggris 5.belajarlah yg giat! Artikan bahasa inggris

1. untuk Anda menjadi teman saya?
2.Anda adalah teman terbaikku
3.tidak saya tidak baik

4. I love playing with you!

5.Learn the enterprising!

maaf klo salah..

15. buat percakapan tentang ” my new friend” dalam bahasa inggris

Jake: Hi, Lyn. This is my friend from Singapore, Andre.
Lyn: Hi, Andre. Nice to meet you
Andre: Hello, Lyn. It’s nice to meet you too
Jake: Have a talk. I’m gonna buy some lemonade for us
Lyn: So, Andre, where do you live?
Andre: I live in Jakarta right now, near from the train station.
Lyn: Me too! It means we’re neighbor, you know.
Andre: I feel glad to have a new friend like you.
Lyn: Yeah, I feel so amazing too.

16. Buatkan dialog 2 orang bertema “my best friend” dlm bahasa inggris minimal 23 baris,yg simple aja

ana: Hi ente, how’s life?
ente: pretty well, and you?
ana: good, not bad. have you visited Dika?
ente: What’s wrong with him? Is he sick or what?
ana: Yesterday, Dika checked his health in the hospital and doctor found that
he got a dengue fever.
ente: Why didn’t you tell me?
ana: Your phone was inactive, so I had no way to send you a message or to call you.
ente: Oh God. you’re right, my phone was error and I couldn’t operate it. Have
you visited him to the hospital?
ana: Yes I have. he looked very pale.
ente: Oh my God. Could you please accompany me to go?
ana: Sure, when will you go?
ente: Today, after school. Can we go together?
ana: Of course why not?
ente: I’m so sad about him.
ana: it’s okay.
ente : I feel so sorry because I didn’t know about my friend. I hate myself.
ana : Oh, come on. don’t say like that. I told to him maybe you’re busy. and he
didn’t angry.
ana : but..
ente : remember we’re best friend. best friend will never leave/angry with
friends although there is a problem’
ana : oh thanks ente.
ente : don’t mention it.

17. tolong bantu ya. membuat teks deskripsi dalam bahasa inggris yang berjudul my best friend.. please bantu ya kawan….

friend is the one who is always there beside us when we sorrow nor pleasure, they are
everything when we fall the first person to help us is our own best friend instead of
someone else, it’s called a true friend.Best friend is someone who always care everything about us. She/he always listen to us and can solve the problem. When we’
re sad she/he will cheer us up. She/he will always there when we need her/him.. That’s what’s friends are for..

18. you……..my best friend

You are my best freindYou Is My Best Friend

19. Cerita the price and his best friend ke bahasa Indonesia


ini harga dan miliknya terbaik teman

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