Cerita Legenda Danau Toba Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Legenda Danau Toba Dalam Bahasa Inggris

legenda danau toba dalam bahasa inggris yang pendek

1. legenda danau toba dalam bahasa inggris yang pendek

The legend of danau toba maaf kalo salah

2. legenda danau toba dalam bahasa inggris beserta gambar

Once upon a time there was a prosperous village in a far away island called Sumatra. In northern part of the island, lived a farmer whose name was Toba. He lived alone in a hut by a small forest. He worked on his farmland to grow rice and vegetables that he sells to local market. Once day he wanted to catch some fish so he went to a river and fished there. He was very surprised when he got a big fish. The fish was as big as human being. Soon he went home and put the fish in his kitchen. He planned to cook the fish for his dinner that night. When he got to his house that afternoon he took a bath. Then as he walked into his bedroom after taking a bath Toba was very shocked. Do you want to know what happened?

There stood in his living room a very beautiful girl. The girl greeted him nicely. For a moment Toba was speechless. When he could control his emotion he asked her.

‘Who are you? What’s your name? Why suddenly you are here in my house?’

‘Pardon me if I surprised you Mr. Toba, but you took me here. I was the fish that you caught in the river. Now that I become a human being again, I would like to thank you and I will be your servant to express my thankfulness’

‘Were you the fish?’

‘Yes, I was the fish. Look at your kitchen’.

Toba immediately rushed to his kitchen and the fish was nowhere to be seen. He saw some gold coins instead.

‘Whose coins are these? Why there are some coins here?’

‘Those coins are mine. As I changed into human being my scales changed into gold coins’

‘Ok you can live here and work for me. Your room is over there’

‘Thank you very much Mr. Toba’

Since that day the beautiful girl lived in Toba’s house. Since she was very bea
utiful Toba fell in love with her and not long after that they got married. The girl married to Toba on one condition that he would never tell anybody about her past. Toba agreed to the condition. Several months later Toba’s wife delivered to a baby boy. Their son was healthy. Soon he grew up into a handsome boy. Toba named him Samosir. Unfortunately Samosir was a lazy boy. He did not want to work at all. When his father worked hard in his rice field and farm, Samosir just slept. When he was awake he talked a lot and he ate a lot. Toba was very disappointed with his son’s nature. He hoped that one day Samosir would change into a diligent boy. Day in and day out but Samosir never changed.

Toba used to go to his farm and rice field early in the morning. Then at midday his wife would bring him food. They used to eat lunch at their farm. As he was a teenager Toba and his wife tried to change his behavior. They ordered Samosir to bring food for his father for lunch while her mother stayed at home to do household chores. But Samosir never did his duty well. He always woke up very late. He woke up after midday. Then one day his mother forced him to bring the food.

‘Sam, wake up. Go to the farm and bring the food for your father. He must be very tired and hungry now’.

But Mom, I am tired and hungry too’

‘What makes you tired? You just wake up. Go now. You father needs the food’

Toba reluctantly went to the farm. But he did not go to the farm immediately. He stopped somewhere in the street and ate the food. It was already late afternoon when he got to the farm. His father was disappointed. Then he was angry as he realized that his son had eaten his food. He said sarcastically.

‘O, you are stupid lazy boy. You are son of a fish!’

Samosir was hurt. He went home right away and as he got home he told his mother about his father’s words. Samosir’s mother was shocked. She was also deeply hurt.

‘O Toba. You break your promise so I cannot live with you here anymore. Now you have to accept to consequence of what you did. Samosir, now go to the hill, find the tallest tree and climb it’

‘Why mom? What will happen?’

‘Just do it, never ask any question. Good bye’

As soon as she finished saying that suddenly the weather changed. Sunny day suddenly turned into cloudy day. Not long after that the rain poured heavily. The rain last for several days. Consequently the area was flooded. The whole area became a big lake. Then it was called Lake Toba and in the middle of the lake there is an island called Samosir Island. Meanwhile Toba’s wife disappeared.

3. 10 pertanyaan tentang legenda danau toba dalam bahasa inggris

1. Toba Lake is known as the largest lake in Indonesia, which is located on _____ Sumatera. (North)

2. On the middle of Toba Lake is a volcanic island called as ______ island. (Samosir)

3. The size of Samosir Island is almost the same as the size of the country of ________. (Singapore)

4. Toba Lake and Samosir Island is home for _____ people. (Batak)

5. On Samosir Island we can find a scenic called Simangande and Pangaribuan, what are these? ______ (Waterfalls)

#Maaf ka cuma bisa kasih 5 doang

4. Pak toba dalam cerita legenda danau toba bermatapencaharian apa?

Toba adalah seorang nelayan

5. gaya bahasa apa yang digunakan dalam cerita legenda danau toba?

gaya bahasa batak.

#maaf law slah…
yang digunakan adalah bahasa batak

6. hal-hal menarik dari cerita legenda Danau Toba adalah

tangisan yang membuat danau1. dapat diperankan oleh berbagai jenis makhluk hidup.
2. tokoh utama selalu membawa pesan moral.
3. tokoh utama tidak selalu berkarakter protagonis

7. 1.Siapa saja tokoh dalam cerita dalam cerita legenda Danau Toba?2.apa amanat dalam cerita legenda danau Toba tersebut?​


1.tokoh di dalam cerita rakyat Danau Toba, Toba, Ibu (jelmaan ikan), dan Samosir

2.kita tidak boleh menyia-nyiakan kepercayaan orang lain serta mengingkari janji yang telah ktia buat


maaf jika salah/semoga membantu 🙂






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8. cerita legenda Danau Toba berasal dari​


Cerita Legenda Danau Toba berasal dari Provinsi Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

9. 1.keunikan cerita rakyat legenda danau toba….2.pesan moral apa yang dapat diambil setelah menyimak cerita legenda danau toba​


1.danau toba mengambil unsur lautan

2.jangat menjadi kasar dan jahat


semaga bantuin kamu

10. Apakah pesan moral dalam legenda danau toba dalam bahasa inggris

The moral message from the story of Lake Toba:

1. If you have promised, we should keep it

2. We must continue to maintain speech even when we are emotional 3. We must be more patient in all conditions

4. We must be forgiving people.

11. cerita danau toba dalam bahasa inggris

Toba Lake

Once upon time, there was a fisherman who lived in North Sumatra. One day, when he was fishing in a river, he got a big fish, beautiful big fish. He was so excited. Then he went home and put the fish in the bucket. But when he wanted to kill the fish, he felt so pity with it.
 In the next day, he went fishing again. But this time, he could not get any fish. He was so hunggry. Then he went home with empty-handed. After got there, he was surprised, there was a girl there.
 “Who are you?” asked the fisherman.
“I’m the fish” replied the girl.
The fisherman looked at the bucket where he took the fish yesterday.
“You didn’t kill me yesterday, and I’m very thankful. I will return your kindness” continued the girl.
“well, I lived alone. I don’t have any family. If you want to be my wife, I will be happy” asked the man.
“Ok, but you have to promise to me. if we have children, don’t tell him about me. If you tell him, the very bad thing will happen.” The girl said.
 Finally, the fisherman and the fish girl were married. And had a child named Samo. Samo was very naughty boy, he always play with his friends and never help his parents.
 One day, Samo was asked to deliver lunch to his father. But on the way to his father, he met his friends and play with them till he forgot to deliver the meal. Meanwhile his father waited with tired and hungry and finally the father decided to go home. On the way to home he saw Samo.
 “Samo… where is my lunch” asked his father.
“Mmmmm…. I ate it dad.” replied samo.
“why you eat my lunch” asked his father angrily.
“I’m hungry after play with my friends, I’m sorry dad” Samo said.
“you are naughty samo, don’t come home anymore. You, damn fish’s son” said his father angrily.
 Becasue the father broke his promise, suddenly the sky was getting dark and the rain fallen down. The water was getting higher and higher. Samo’s mother was sad and transformed to be a fish again. Samo run to the hill and stayed there. The water drowns the village. Then the hill surrounded by the lake.
 Now the lake was known as Lake Toba (no marcy) and the hill in the middle of the lake was called Samosir (evicted Samo)  island.

12. watak dari cerita legenda danau toba

malin kundang sombong ibu malin baik

13. Apakah cerita legenda danau toba itu sejarah


iya,danau toba merupakan cerita legenda



14. Apa pengajaran dari cerita legenda danau toba?​


1. Jangan pernah mengingkari Janji

2. Jangan marah berlebihan kepada Anak

3. Belajar menjadi orang yang Pemaaf


Semoga membantu ✨

15. Siapa pengarang cerita legenda danau toba

Pengarang cerita legenda danau toba : Sri Lestari.

Maap klo salah

Penulis: Hanni Haerani Hs.

16. inti cerita legenda danau Toba ​


Dahulu kala, ada seorang lelaki yang suka mencari ikan. Suatu hari, ia mendapatkan seekor ikan ajaib. Ya, ikan itu dapat berbicara.

“Jangan bunuh aku. Sebagai gantinya, aku mau menikah denganmu.” ucap ikan itu.

Tiba-tiba ikan itu berubah menjadi perempuan yang sangat cantik. Lelaki itu tertarik untuk menikah dengannya. Tetapi, putri ikan mengajukan sebuah syarat. Tak ada yang boleh mengetahui bahwa dirinya adalah jelmaan ikan.Lelaki itu menyetujuinya. Mereka akhirnya menikah dan dikaruniai seorang anak laki-laki. Anak itu sangat suka makan, dan ia nakal. Sering kali ia menghabiskan makanan yang sebenarnya disiapkan untuk ayahnya.

Suatu hari, ibunya menyuruh anak itu untuk mengantar makanan kepada ayahnya. Namun, dalam perjalanan, anak itu memakan semua makanan yang ada di rantang. Ia pergi ke ladang tanpa membawa makanan.Ayahnya sudah sangat lelah setelah seharian bekerja. Melihat anaknya datang, ia sangat senang. Namun ketika mengetahui makanan yang dibawa anaknya sudah habis, ia sungguh marah“Maafkan aku, Ayah.” ucap anaknya.

“Dasar kau anak ikan! Kau tahu, aku bekerja seharian untukmu.” seru ayahnya.

Anak itu kaget mendengar ucapan ayahnya. Ia pun berlari ke rumah untuk mengadu kepada ibunya. Saat ibunya tahu tentang hal itu, dia sangat marah. Ternyata suaminya telah melanggar janji.

Saat itu juga turun hujan yang sangat lebat disertai petir. Air sungai dengan cepat meluap. Sang suami segera berlari menuju rumah. Namun, apa yang terjadi. Ia malah melihat istri dan anaknya sudah lenyap dalam hujan yang meluap. Ia sungguh menyesal telah melanggar j
anjinya. Tetapi, tak ada lagi yang bisa dilakukan.

Kini, tempat tinggal mereka menjadi sebuah danau. Danau itu dinamakan dengan Danau Toba seperti nama anak si lelaki. Danau itu sangat terkenal di Indonesia.


semoga membantu ⚛️

inti dari cerita danau toba.

pada jaman dahulu ada seorang laki laki miskin yang tinggal disuatu desa yang terpencil. peketjaan sehari hari lelaki ini adalah bekerja diladang dan mencari kayu bakar.

pada suatu hari, dia menemukan seekor ikan besar disungai. karna merasa sangat lapar dia ingin menjadikan ikan itu sebagai lauknya. akan tetapi, tidak ada kayu bakar yang tetsedia di dapurnya. karena malas mencari kayu bakar, pemuda itu tidak jadi untu memakan ikan tarsebut. dan menempatkannya disuatu wadah.

hari hari berlalu. ketika ikan tersebut mendiami gubuk lelaki ini, terjadi keanehan. sipemuda mencari tau tentang keanehan yg tetjadi dihidupnya. akhirnya dia tahu, bahwa ikan tersebut telah menjelma menjadi wanita yang cantik. mereka pun menikah, akan tetapi sebelum menikah, perempuan itu meminta suatu syarat kepada lelaki yang bernama toba itu, agar tidak mengungkit asal mulanya. dari pernikahan itu, mereka kemudian dikaruniakan seorang anak yang bernama samosir. anak itu cukup manja dan nakal. sehingga pada suatu

harinya ayahnya sitoba mengungkit asal usul ibunya. mendengar hal itu, perempuan itu kemudian menangis dan akhirnya terjadi hujan yang dahsyat. anaknya si samorir disuruhhnya mema jat pohon yang tinggi. sedangkan toba sudah hanyut dan tenggelam di danau itu. sehingga sampai sekarang, danau itu dikenal dengan danau toba, sedangkan pulau yangbterletak ditengahnya dipercayai sebagai tubuh samosir. sehingga pulau itu disebut sebagai pulau samosir.

17. cerita legenda danau toba ​


Dikisahkan bahwa Toba suatu hari mendapatkan seekor ikan emas ajaib ketika sedang memancing.

Ikan emas tersebut kemudian berubah menjadi seorang wanita cantik dan membuat Toba jatuh cinta. Singkat cerita, Toba menikah dengan wanita tersebut dan memiliki seorang anak laki-laki yang diberi nama


maaf kalo salah

18. hal-hal menarik dari cerita legenda Danau Toba adalah

ikan berubah menjadi wanita yang cantika. mendapatkan wanita cantik, hanya dr seekor ikan
b. melimpahnya beras hanya dengan padi yang ajaib
hanya itu yang bisa kubantu…

19. legenda danau toba dalam bahasa inggris dan artinya narative text

legenda danau toba
Legend danau toba

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